Industry groups including Visual Connections, the LIA, the TRMC and unions will gather at a special roundtable event during PacPrint in Melbourne to review major changes to current federal and state training networks and their effect on printing industry skills and training across Australia.

              (photo: NSW TAFE)     

“I'm sure you're already aware of the challenges around training across all sectors of our industry,” says Robyn Frampton, marketing and communications manager at Visual Connections. “Now, LIA and fellow industry organisations have banded together to address the issues and lobby government.

“As part of the process, we have organised an industry 'roundtable' during PacPrint to update industry businesses and consult with those who are most impacted by the current situation for their feedback, ideas and inspiration.”

Session speakers will provide an overview across:

Current Landscape – Funding, Training Numbers, Delivery models 
Training Providers – RTO’s, Enterprise Providers, Private RTO’s 
Regional Australia - A regional printer's experience with skilling
Industry Body - Government engagement status and update
General Discussion – What’s a solution?

“With major changes across the current Federal and State training frameworks impacting the opportunities for industry access to required training, an industry round-table has been established to explore industry need and how we can protect a solid skill-base into the future across all Awards,” the organisers said.

“Together, we can build a strong industry discussion to collect feedback and prepare an industry position. Please join us and share your voice across this important issue.”

WHEN: Wednesday 29th June 2022 
WHERE: PacPrint Forum Theatre, MCEC 
TIME: 5pm – 6pm AEST

If you are unable to attend and wish to discuss further, please contact your industry body or trade union representative.



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