One of the digital printing industry's most accomplished players, Sue Threlfo of Konica Minolta, is retiring after 33 years. Always deeply involved in every aspect of the industry as it progressed from 'off the glass' photocopying to today's digital workflow-powered SRA3 and continuous feed full colour printers, Sue is universally respected and will leave a big pair of Manolo Blahniks to fill!

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Always prominent in industry matters, social and commercial plus Women in Print, Sue Threlfo

Konica Minolta logoKonica Minolta Australia has announced the retirement of Sue Threlfo, general manager, production and industrial print, after 33 years in the printing industry, effective at the conclusion of this year’s PacPrint.

The industry veteran, who has attended a record five drupas, has had an amazing career in the printing industry, spending the last five years with Konica Minolta leading the production and industrial print team through one of the most challenging periods in the industry. Despite this, the industry is seeing great signs of recovery with demand in label, light packaging, and wide format.

Threlfo says: “The pandemic afforded me the time to evaluate and dream about what the next stage of my life would look like. With PacPrint now going ahead in June, after being postponed due to Covid-19, it seemed a fortuitous time for me to retire following the opportunity to experience one last show.

“I will always be grateful for the opportunities I have had throughout my career and amazed by the positivity and passion of the people that have helped shaped that. There is so much resilience in this industry in the face of great change and I’m proud to have been a part of it.

“One of the biggest and most remarkable journeys I was privy to was the evolution from analogue to digital. This has come ahead in leaps and bounds since it was first implemented, as the technology and benefits it had to offer in terms of business diversification and meeting customers’ expectations grew. Today, the biggest and smallest print operators in Australia have significant digital footprints.

“Working with the team at Konica Minolta and, in particular, with David Proctor, David Cooke, and most recently Yohei Konaka, has been invaluable and helped me deliver great results for the company while supporting the customers we care so much about.”

Along with her work in Australia, Sue has worked in other regions including Singapore and New York, which has given her a unique perspective on the market.

Sue Threlfo said, “I’ve been extremely fortunate to make many connections, and indeed friends, around the world and I look forward to staying in touch with so many of them as I move to the next phase of my life.”

She has also been a keen role model and advocate for women in print.

Sue Threlfo said, “As a woman in the industry, I have enjoyed the camaraderie and the impact you can have as a woman. Many years ago, I would be one of a handful of women at trade shows and industry events. I’m pleased that has shifted and I hope that I’ve shown other women that an exciting and successful career in print is possible.”

David Procter, chief operating officer, Konica Minolta Australia, said, “Sue has without doubt made a massive impact at Konica Minolta and more broadly in the industry. As a woman in leadership, I have no doubt she has contributed to equalising the gender bias and she should be proud of this achievement. We are grateful for her contribution and wish her all the best for the future.”

Sue’s role is pivotal for Konica Minolta. Her replacement will be announced in the coming weeks.

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