Digital printing manufacturer Durst has introduced its new P5 500 LED printing system at FESPA in Berlin, “opening up the superwide format with a printing width of 5.25 metres.” The P5 500 uses Ricoh print heads.

 Durst P5 500 Fespa.png
“With the new introduction of the Durst P5 500 [pictured above], Durst is once again setting the benchmark in the top class of digital large-format printing and will be showing a printing system with a printing width of 5.25 meters,” said the manufacturer of digital printing and production technologies. 

“In parallel, Durst is boosting the productivity of the existing P5 UV-LED series to a new performance level with the new Double 4 technology. In addition, new Vanguard LFP printing systems will celebrate their European premiere.” 

Christoph Gamper, CEO Durst Group, said: "FESPA is a hub in the graphic arts business and Berlin is the perfect stage to meet customers and partners and demonstrate our range of solutions live. I'm looking forward to exciting discussions around sustainability, new production technologies, innovations in software and much more." 

New benchmark in superwide format

Durst is "further expanding its P5 platform and opening up the Superwide format with a printing width of 5.25 meters," the company said. "The P5 500 LED printing system uses powerful Ricoh print heads and the overall system is designed for efficient and unattended production." 

In addition to CMYK, another four colour channels are available - for example for light colours (c, m, k), white or varnish. Durst also offers roll support for loading and changing media. The rolls can be processed in single, dual and triple mode - in dual mode even asymmetrically. Double-sided printing is achieved via exact front and back registration. Durst offers additional options for finishing - these include knives for horizontal and vertical cutting. 

"With the Durst P5 500, Durst once again demonstrates its full focus on the reliability of its own printing systems for unattended production processes,” said Andrea Riccardi, head of product management, Durst Group. “With the integration of Durst Workflow Software and the introduction of new functionalities, we are also achieving a significant increase in efficiency. The field test is extremely successful, so we will deliver the first printing systems in the last quarter of 2022."

Vanguard to showcase two flatbed printers in Berlin 

 Vanguard  VR 6d.png
       Vanguard VR6D-HS

Vanguard, with its printing systems for signage, decoration, business equipment, industry and packaging, has been part of the Durst Group since 2020. The European branch at the Brixen site, in a building adjacent to the Durst headquarters with over 5,000 m2 of factory space, will leverage technical and administrative synergies between the two companies. The physical proximity offers customers the advantage that all current printing systems from the Durst Group's overall portfolio can be viewed and tested. 

Two flatbed printers from Vanguard's product range will be on show at FESPA 2022. The VR6D-HS and VK300D-HS cover the mid-range performance spectrum. “They feature an attractive price/performance ratio and can cover a wide range of applications thanks to their modular design and various ink configurations,” Durst said.

 durst vanguard vk300d.png
            Vanguard VK300D-HS

Software & Solutions

“In order to implement the ‘From Pixel to Output’ approach in practice, innovative software solutions are also required. Durst Software & Solutions has initiated numerous developments in recent years to optimize and automate processes. A total of four software packages are offered to cover all relevant administrative as well as production-related aspects. These include ERP/MIS with Durst Lift ERP, web-to-print with Durst Smart Shop & Editor, prepress & production with Durst Workflow, and data & transparency with Durst Analytics. All products are modular and can be individually adapted and expanded. Typical areas of application for Durst's software packages are large-format, label, corrugated and textile printing.”

Portfolio expansion

With the presentation of the Durst TAU RSC platform, Durst is also presenting its LFP customers with a possible portfolio expansion in the direction of label and flexible packaging printing. "The pandemic has once again shown how important it is to position oneself as broadly as possible as a service provider,” said Christian Harder, VP sales, Durst Group. “The production of labels or flexible packaging offers this potential for our LFP customers.”


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