Trotec Laser’s new 12-megapixel lid camera further speeds up workflow by delivering a live image of the work area to the operating PC in real time.

“The most intelligent laser engraver just got smarter with Trotec's new Vision Design & Position vision positioning camera,” said a press release from Trotec Laser North America headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan. 

“A full colour and detailed image of the laser bed and workpiece is displayed within Trotec's proprietary Ruby software, allowing the laser operator to position the artwork file exactly where they'd like it to be cut or engraved, and to see a visual representation of how it will look before the job is started. This new feature eliminates the need for manual positioning of the laser pointer and saving graphic position data to the software, making laser job setup faster and easier than ever.

Virtual graphic design and job positioning in Ruby

“The cleverly integrated camera on the lid of the laser delivers a live image of the work area to the Ruby laser software in a matter of seconds. It does not matter whether the lid of the laser is closed or open. The graphic is then placed on the workpiece in Ruby at the same scale. In this way, text can be set, a graphic can be designed or an existing job can be aligned directly on the workpiece, e.g., on a gift item or a cell phone, live in Ruby.

“This patent-pending feature helps the laser user ensure that the job to be processed is where you want it to be the first time, even if it is a 3D object. There is no longer any need for time-consuming measuring of workpieces, residual materials and objects.

“The user no longer has to switch between laser engraver and software or take the cumbersome route via graphics software with printer driver. The job to be executed can be changed directly on the live image in Ruby.”

Warren Knipple, president of Trotec Laser North America, says the Vision Design & Position camera is one of many time- and cost-saving features that Trotec customers can expect from the new Ruby laser workflow software.

"Ruby incorporates all design and preparation stages of the laser cutting and engraving process into one integrated workflow to drastically reduce the time and cost." says Knipple. "Vision Design & Position will help laser users save on scrap and rework, and first-time laser users can achieve the best results more quickly.

"The software is under continuous development, with more time-saving features being planned for future releases."

For more information, visit Trotec Laser Australia. 


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