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Soltect to launch cloud-based workflow interface at PacPrint

Sitting behind Soltect's new ‘affordable and intuitive’ cloud-based customer interface is the company's suite of software products, including Enfocus Switch for workflow automation and PitStop PDF pre-flight software.

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 2.53.53 pm.png

“While equipment and systems take centre stage at PacPrint, systems architect Soltect is encouraging attendees to take the chance to ‘think big’ and design the kind of seamless and efficient workflow which embraces all the benefits of our digital age, and will ensure they survive, and thrive, into the future,” said PacPrint organiser Visual Connections.

Yves Roussange
"Many workflows are assembled
            piece by piece":
         Yves Roussange
            CEO Soltech

“We live in a different world today from a decade ago,” said Yves Roussange, founder and CEO of Sydney-based software business Soltect. “For businesses to keep up with this transformation, they need to not only continue to invest in equipment and systems but to foster a completely new way of thinking about their workflow and their business – to completely change their business DNA, if you like. 

“What businesses need to be thinking about – particularly if they are looking at new investments, but also if they are just seeking to maximise the value of their current investments – is how much they are losing in terms of time and efficiency by not designing the right business architecture…and how much that is already costing their business, every day.”

Many workflows are assembled piece by piece as businesses grow, according to Roussange. “But like a jigsaw puzzle, if you don’t take time to step back and identify where pieces are missing, and work to fill the gaps and connect each piece to the other, you can’t enjoy the full benefit of the complete picture.”

As well as allowing businesses to correct more easily identifiable workflow interruptions and bottlenecks, Soltect finds many businesses have more subtle and fundamental workflow interruptions and disconnects, and far too many touchpoints in their production process. 

“This has been highlighted during the pandemic, when staff absences caused production delays and even closures for some businesses,” Roussange said. “For our customers who were working with us to increase automation, however, the benefits of reduced reliance on manual processing were immediately evident. It allowed them to minimise disruption and keep the presses running.”

Soltect will be launching its new, cloud-based customer interface at PacPrint, which Roussange says is easy, affordable and intuitive, helping to educate customers and giving them the tools they need to take full advantage of automation. With the recent Federal Budget providing significant incentives for this type of investment - businesses can claim 120% of their monthly investment for eligible cloud computing solutions - Roussange says it’s a ‘no-brainer.’

Sitting behind the new customer interface is Soltect’s suite of software products, including Enfocus Switch for workflow automation, PitStop PDF pre-flight software and ConnectALL advanced PDF Pre-flighting delivery tool, as well as Callas PDF pre-flighting and template building solutions, Ultimate Impostrip imposition and finishing automation solution, and SwitchBOX-Approvalintu integrated web-based job approval system.

“Visitors will be able to talk to us about all of these those at PacPrint,” Roussange said, “but the real value we can bring to your business is providing the intelligence behind those solutions – that’s the critical ‘missing piece of the puzzle.’

“We can come in, identify where the issues are, and provide business owners with an honest appraisal of how the business is going and what needs to change. The report can be confronting, but blunt honesty is necessary – I genuinely believe there is no time to filter information to make it more palatable. Businesses need to move quickly not just to stay one step ahead but to avoid falling quickly behind their competition.”

Soltect works with some of the industry’s leading print service providers and, while specifics are commercial-in-confidence, Roussange says the return on investment has been well demonstrated. 

“Not only can any investment in developing your business architecture be recouped quickly, it pays significant long-term dividends in business adaptability and long-term profitability; it’s basically designing your business for success.”

Screen Shot 2022 04 27 at 10.07.35 amSoltect will be on Stand B86 at PacPrint, which will co-locate with Visual Impact Melbourne and the Label & Packaging Expo at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 28 June to 1 July this year.