The UK's Digital Printer Magazine reports that Fujifilm has responded to the announcement of Inca Digital Printers’ sale to Agfa to the effect that it will no longer resell Inca machines and will focus on its own range of wide-format printers, though it will continue to support existing customers with Inca Onset devices that it supplied.

FF acuity print blueprint
Fujifilm's new Blueprint prioritises the new Acuity Prime 30 flatbed UV - no more Inca Digital. See it at PacPrint

Fujifilm HoldingsDavid Burton, marketing director, Fujifilm Wide Format Inkjet Systems, commented, ‘Fujifilm and Inca Digital have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship for more than two decades. We’re immensely proud of all we’ve achieved working with them in pioneering the development of UV wide format inkjet systems, powered by Fujifilm inkjet technology and Fujifilm UV inkjet ink.

‘More recently, Fujifilm’s strategy has shifted away from being a technology partner and distributor working closely with OEM partners. Instead, we have pivoted to become a developer of wide-format systems in our own right, taking full control of the design and manufacturing process and leveraging Fujifilm’s worldwide subsidiary network to target volume sales at a wider audience.

‘Some time ago, we recognised that the wide-format market had reached a point of maturity, where print speeds and quality improvements were increasingly marginal, so we identified an opportunity to invest our inkjet expertise into developing a range that reset expectations around value, usability and ROI.

‘Our ‘new blueprint for wide format’ concept, first announced in 2021 and the focus of our stand at Fespa 2022, is the result of this strategy shift, and the new Acuity Prime and Acuity Ultra R2 printers are the tangible early evidence that this new approach is the right one for Fujifilm. More new product announcements and additions to this range are planned at Fespa, with others being worked on in the background.

‘We remain incredibly proud of what we achieved working with Inca Digital over many years and remain committed to supporting our existing Onset customers.’

It is implicit in the deal that Agfa will now develop UV inks for the Inca machines, presumably benefitting from its thin ink layer technology, though whether these will be backwardly-compatible with exiting Inca printers remains to be seen.

(with acknowledgement and thanks to Digital Printer Magazine)

Footnote: Fujifilm's relationship with Inca Digital goes back many years to when Sericol, acquired by Fujifilm in 2005, worked hand-in-hand with Inca to develop the special UV ink and in turn was appointed worldwide reseller - an arrangement that Fujifilm then took over and enjoyed excellent success with.

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