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Amcor scales down Russian factories, Canon donates €1m for refugees

Global packaging leader Amcor is scaling down activities at its three Russian factories because of ‘deep concern’ over the ongoing military attacks against Ukraine. Canon has donated €1m to a UN refugee agency and other humanitarian groups.

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ron delia amcor 22
        "Deeply concerned":
      Ron Delia, CEO Amcor 

“We are deeply concerned about the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and are actively contributing to the relief efforts,” said CEO Ron Delia in a statement to Amcor’s global workforce. “Amcor is committing at least USD1 million for direct support to our team in Kharkiv and their families as well as general humanitarian aid, in partnership with the International Red Cross.

“We have also operated for more than 20 years in Russia, where we continue to ensure compliance with local and international laws,” Delia said. “Currently, our three factories in the country generate 2% to 3% of total Amcor sales. After careful consideration of the current circumstances, we will scale down our activities there by:

- Focusing our manufacturing on supporting only existing multinational customers;
- Suspending new projects and investments
- Discontinuing exports from the country as soon as possible.

“You will remember we proactively closed our site in Kharkiv, Ukraine, to protect our local team right before the armed conflict started. Our dedicated crisis team continues to monitor developments in real time and assist our people.

“We will also continue to explore all strategic options for the business while assessing the rapidly evolving situation. We will take additional actions as needed, always guided by our values and responsibilities to our stakeholders.

“At Amcor, we are guided by our values:
Our first focus is the safety of our people in Ukraine;
We recognize that our packaging products help people in communities everywhere with their daily necessities;
Our sense of obligation extends also to the multinational customers we partner with in Ukraine and Russia.

“Those considerations come together in how we work with our customers: they also take care of their own teams and rely on us to bring products to communities in need," Delia said. "Together we support the livelihoods of many thousands of people along complex supply chains.

“As the war and humanitarian crisis from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continue, it is important that we remain connected and well informed as a team. We are witnessing a tragic situation and our hearts go out to the people whose lives have been so terribly affected. We join the urgent call for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

 “Thank you to all the Amcor colleagues who are collaborating to address the hugely challenging situation on the ground. Thank you also to everyone who is contributing from afar in so many ways. Your commitment, caring and generosity continue to be an inspiration.”

canon logo 22Canon Group has donated about €1m (JPY 130m/USD $1.1m) to the UNHCR refugee agency and other international humanitarian organizations. “These funds will be used to provide support to the Ukrainian people whose lives have been so deeply affected,” Canon said in a statement from Tokyo. “The Canon Group will strive to provide ongoing support through such measures as collecting donations from Group employees.

“Canon Inc. expresses deep concern for the ongoing military attacks against Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis it has created, and hopes that the people affected may soon be able to live in peace once again. 

“Canon's corporate philosophy is kyosei. It conveys our dedication to seeing all people harmoniously living and working together in happiness into the future. Canon sincerely wishes for a peaceful resolution as soon as possible.”