Mutoh have launched a new Mild Solvent Ink called MS Plus (Mild Solvent Plus), indicating a second generation of Mutoh mild solvent inks.

The MS Plus bulk inks are delivered in bottles of 1 litre with pricing at approximately 20% lower than current Mutoh MS ink.

Marcus Fantl of Omnitech Graphics distributor for Mutoh in Oceania said that the Mutoh’s MS Plus inks offer users a set of unique features that will bring the Blizzard series printers to a new unequalled performance level :

He claims that users can expect a vastly increased media compatibility with low cost self-adhesive media versus the current mild solvent inks. Further details on media compatibility of the new MS Plus inks will be announced in the coming days

A speed performance boost on previously compatible media. Mild Solvent compatible media can be printed up to 3 times faster, thanks to optimised drying characteristics and dot gain control of MS Plus in combination with Mutoh's new HD360 Intelligent Interweaving Wave Print mode. The new HD (High Density 360 Modes will offer a colour gamut which can be easily compete with 540x720 dpi output

Existing mild solvent profiles remain usable. New profiling will be required for new print modes and the new compatible media. MS Plus has the same wide colour gamut and UV resistance as Mutoh existing mild solvent MS inks

Mutoh's new MS Plus is a Cyclohexanone free ink formulation!

MS Plus Inks in Cassettes for Blizzard series printers
To enable users not choosing for a bulk ink system to immediately benefit from the features of the new Mild Solvent Plus inks, Omnitech Graphics will also make the MS Plus inks available in 440 ml cassettes as from July 1st, which they say means new Blizzard printers can be ordered and shipped with a Mild Solvent Plus 440 ml ink starter set.

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