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Colour Graphic Services & Idealliance at PacPrint

‘The Colour Doctor’ David Crowther of Colour Graphic Services (and Idealliance Australasia) will host the first outing for a new range of colour management tools at Pacprint in Melbourne. 



             Myiro-1 hand held spectrophotometer

Crowther, well known in the industry for his colour expertise, will be demonstrating the Myiro-1 hand-help spectrophotometer and its big brother for super-fast automated chart reading, the Myiro-9.

Myiro instruments are manufactured in Japan to stringent tolerances by a division of Konica Minolta – Konica Minolta Sensing. The Myiro-1 can be used to measure single patches and it also comes with a silky-smooth strip and chart measuring guide. The Myiro-9 is an auto-scanning spectrophotometer which can accurately read a 1,500-patch chart in only four minutes – ideal when profiling multiple substrates or in a busy print shop where there are many job changes.

 myiro 9 colour doc.jpeg

          Myiro-9 ultra-fast automated chart reader

david crowther pacprint

   'Accurate, fast, easy-to-use':
            David Crowther
    Colour Graphic Services


“Myiro colour measuring instruments are the most accurate, fastest and easy-to-use I have ever encountered,” Crowther says. “The quality of the profiles generated are noticeably better. As they say: ‘you cannot control what you haven’t measured’ – with Myiro the measurements are ultra-precise and both the one and the nine generate M0, M1 and M2 in a single scanning action. The Myiro-1 connects using Wi-Fi, so no tangled cables. Connection can be to the majority of third-party CM software, or to Myiro Tools colour management software for analysing, displaying and profiling with ease.

“We also represent the German-made Techkon colour instruments – Myiro does not replace these as Techkon has several application-specific models. In fact, in the USA Techkon has become a Myiro reseller too since they do not have an automated chart-reader or ‘general purpose’ hand-held unit to fit into the prepress area.”

Colour Graphic Services will have working demonstrations of Myiro-1 and Myiro-9 on its stand F44, also Techkon SpectroDens, SpectroPlate, SpectroDrive and Dens.

Colour assessment and training

Also on display will be a Just Normlicht ISO 3664 LED viewing system for perfect, consistent assessment of colour under controlled D50 illumination.

Crowther is one of the leading trainers in colour management and is the appointed Idealliance G7 Expert certified trainer for Australasia. He also audits and certifies printers for G7 Master Qualification and under ISO 12647 using the Mellow Colour Proficient Printer PrintSpec system. 

“We hold G7 Expert certification training courses periodically on-line and can also conduct on-site ‘classroom’ training for larger print groups,” he says. “The resulting G7 Expert certification allows you conduct G7 Master Qualification for your own or another print site whether Offset, Flexo, Digital or Wide Format. Becoming a G7 Expert and achieving G7 Master Qualification is very highly regarded and sought after in the industry by employers, print service providers, print buyers and brand owners.”

At PacPrint, Colour Graphic Services will have plentiful information on hand for G7 and ISO, with details of any upcoming courses.

The Colour Doctor is also a reseller of Eizo calibratable monitors and has made several local installations of Printflow – an automated ink control system that can be retrofitted to older presses and turn them into closed-loop colour managed systems with automated ink key adjustment – and also installed on newer presses, usually at a lower cost than the OEM systems.

“With today’s colour management, you have to be versatile,” says Crowther. “Increasingly, brand managers want their colours to match across devices, be they offset, flexo, digital, inkjet, toner or RGB monitors. As more commercial offset printers adopt wide format, there is an expectation of consistency between, say, flatbed UV printers, sheetfed digital and an eight-colour long perfector. The same applies to narrow web flexographic printers and their digital devices.”

For everything to do with colour, there’s no better place to visit at PacPrint for a no-obligation chat with Crowther. “And yes…there will be show specials galore, and maybe a decent cup of coffee to be had too,” he adds.

Colour Graphic Services will be on Stand F44 at PacPrint, in the heart of the show.

PacPrint, Visual Impact Melbourne and the Label & Packaging will be held from 28 June to 1 July, 2022 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. For more information or to register, go to