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Océ Wins Four BERTL's Best Awards, Most of Any Wide Format Vendor

Océ  has announced that its wide format hardware solutions have received four BERTL's Best Awards, the most given to any wide format vendor in 2008.

BERTL awarded the following Océ  wide format products top honors in their respective categories

-- Océ  TCS500 -- Best Mid Volume AEC Color Wide Format Solution, 2nd Year

-- Océ  TDS600/700/800 Pro Series -- Best Centralized High Volume Wide Format Solution, 2nd Year

-- Océ  CS4136 -- Best Value for Price Wide Format 36" Scanner

-- Océ  CS4142 - Best Value for Price Wide Format 42" Scanner

"The BERTL's Best Awards serve as an educational guidepost, helping first time and experienced corporate wide format experts keep pace with a rapidly developing marketplace," said Margie Davis, Managing Director of BERTL. "As in years past, Océ  has outperformed its competitors in several categories based on its products' proven ability to provide users with a competitive advantage, excellent return on investment and outstanding image and design quality.

Océ Australia