The graphics world has been abuzz with automated template-driven 'Cloud' design SASS applications but do they all understand the needs of hard working printers regarding design, file quality, resolution, PDF versions, colour and so on? Most importantly - how do you convert a design into a paying print customer every time? Over 800 customers around the globe have discovered that India-headquartered Design 'N' Buy is the 'bees knees' application that brings in the business.

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Design 'N' Buy is an all-in-one W2P system that understands all aspects of print e-commerce, including textiles

Many printers already offer hundreds of print-ready templates which can be easily customised to get signs, brochures, labels, banners, Tee-shirts and other promotional items that can be adapted to an individual brand image. Production is simplified when the process of automation lets software systems perform customisation and enable printing without any hassles.

With the era of automation, businesses can increase their productivity and earn higher revenues with the least effort. Custom printing in short runs has become a boom business for companies such as PhotoCreate, who have turned a photobook and personalised gifting business into a AUD$50+ million enterprise - all from the NSW country town of Glenn Innes. With customers engaged through national outlets like Harvey Norman, Big W, Ted's, Clive Peters and more, consumers can realise their dreams of preserving their memories and pleasing family and loved ones either all-online or in-store.

Is Web to Print adoptable for large format printers to grow their business online
With Design 'N' Buy, the answer is yes!

However, B2B (business-to-business) print sector is much wider than the B2C (business-to-consumer) industry. According to research organisation Statista, B2B eCommerce sector is growing “six times faster” than the B2C eCommerce. Yes, businesses want the same convenience and services but on a much larger scale.

Even the current eCommerce market shows a straight upward graph of growth and is expected to climb globally from USD$35 billion now to $55 billion in 2022. This constant need for growth and automation has resulted in feature-rich product customisation tools that support quick and easy functionality and delivery. Software companies such as Desig'n' are coming up with products and systems to facilitate print workflow to help B2B companies prosper.

More and more print shop owners are using all-in-one web2print software to increase productivity and speed-up their tasks. Let us get an insight on how these software systems help printing companies to perform better. Design 'N' Buy even has an application that bridges the gap between professional graphic designers and printers for bespoke jobs, as recently reviewed by wideformat online HERE.

Some of the challenges faced by B2B printing companies include:

1) Miscommunication between the teams or individuals

Any print services provider might have a number of teams working in cohesion to achieve the end printing task and customer fulfillment. The design team will handle the creative part, the production team manages actual printing, the sales team handles its clients, the logistics team keeps an eye on production, storage, delivery details etc. and perhaps a shipment team will manage to deliver the final product to the customer. Coordination between these teams is a tough task especially when there are a series of approvals, late changes and edits. This may result in miscommunication between the departments particularly when all of them are unable to work in synergy. The possibility of miscommunication may result in further delay.

2) Human errors

When everything is done manually, starting from design to shipment, the system needs complete precision. Otherwise, there are chances of error especially for large orders that demand many hours of work from each team member. For example, a large, variable data print order will require the design team to create a lot of novel, original creatives. Again, they need to edit designs as per the client’s wishes, within a pre-defined timeline. Overwork and repeated effort can bog them down, which may result in inefficiency. When designs are not up-to-the-mark, the company may lose the customer. Any kind of delay in delivery may result in alienating the customer.

3) Reduced efficiency

When there is a disconnected network of teams that handle storefront, approvals, MIS, print workflow and shipment; it is inevitably going to reduce efficiency. The time taken to finish a print order may get stretched, which has an impact on the production cost. Overall, it may reduce efficiency, which can result in losing or annoying a client. Simply speaking, when there is too much to handle manually, it affects the overall efficiency and productivity.

The answer is a streamlining of print workflow and order management, not forgeting sales and delivery. All this gets easily served by comprehensive Web-to-Print software, which reduces design time, increases coordination between teams, prevents downtime and pushes sales.

What B2B Print workflow and Order Management can do for your business

i) Reduce overload of the design team

An online design tool offers hundreds of templates, which can be easily customised. This reduces the load on the design team, increases their performance by giving a ready-made template. They can still get tailor-made designs giving a precise brand identity, as per customer’s niche. It reduces the time taken to design material like brochures or banners and supports the design team to focus on more orders.

ii) Improves coordination between teams

With multiple teams (both in-house and outsourced) working at their own pace, with their distinct mindset; it can be difficult to achieve a goal in cohesion. The print job and work order management software can generate notifications, tickets, tasks and more, to streamline the overall workflow. This approach supports quick decision making as well as enhances team coordination to get good results within limited time. It cuts down the time for meetings between teams to check updates and work status.

iii) Increases sales and reduces production cost

When the print order management is automated with least human effort, it reduces production cost by creating a synchronization between teams. There is minimum scope for error, which is prime reason for re-work and time delays for delivering any printing task. Naturally, customers are happy when things are delivered on time. Happy customers are a direct doorway to more sales, which is the goal of any printing business.

iv) Connects All Business Entities

All-in-One Web2Print software is designed so meticulously that it connects all business entities to give a directed workflow to the printing company. Whether it is the design team, sales team, production team, management or shipping team, every business entity gets connected in the network. Every team knows about their individual duty, timeframe to finish the task and handover the next task to the respective teams.

v) Reduces overall production time to bare minimum

Web2print management software is the easiest way to reduce time delays. With a well-coordinated effort as well as ease of customising designs, the overall time taken to deliver printed material gets reduced by a huge margin. When there is no lag in generating product catalogue, artwork approval, shipping, print pricing and order processing, the printing tasks are achieved within shortest possible time. This way, automation can squeeze timeframes to bare minimum.

vi) Supports multi-vendor modules without any hassles

With a print workflow and order management software right in place, any printing company can handle multiple customers, vendors and business associates. The software can be easily integrated with any eCommerce website as they are made from open-source technologies. So, any Print-to-Shop company can leverage the automated system to satisfy multiple clients.

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Design'N'Buy has textile & T-shirt modules too

FAQs About B2B Order Management using W2P:

What is Print Order management software?

A software system that allows its users to automatically schedule printing orders, calculates production steps, generates timelines for shipping and overall order management with the click of a button. It simplifies the workflow as well as gives quotations without any hassles.

Can the software be integrated with any eCommerce store?

Well, the All-in-One Web2Print Software is designed with open-source technologies like Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop and more. They can be easily integrated with existing eCommerce store without any technical glitches.

Is the Product Customisation Tool easy to handle?

The tools are designed with easy-to-understand user interface. Even a lay person can operate it with little or no training. Any printing company can benefit from such software systems which can be operated with little effort.

How does it increase productivity?

As it schedules all tasks, alerts the teams about the timeframes, customises the designs and keeps everyone notified about the entire process, it increases coordination as well as reduces human error. Moreover, it generates quotations and shipping details for quick order management. This reduces time, fastens up the work, diminishes downtime of any kind, technical or manual; which is a sure way to increase productivity.

Are these software tools expensive?

When the total cost of the tool is stretched over a period of time, it is very affordable. In fact, when compared to the salaries, production cost, maintenance cost, the overall profit; the tool proves to be a cost-effective investment that earns high returns.


To sum it all up, any B2B print business, small medium or large, can benefit from workflow automation. Companies can utilise the software systems to create synchronised effort, avoid errors, enhance production, boost sales as well as earn improved profits. These Web-to-Print software systems are an entry gate to successful printing business! Design'N'Buy and All-in-One-Web2Print are available as an outright software purchase or on a Subscription/SaaS basis minimum 3 months.

If you want all this and more, try and get ready for a great 2022 of more business!

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