French printing software company Caldera has announced new RIP software to support the Fujifilm Acuity Ultra R2 series. CalderaRIP software supports more than 1600 large-format printers and cutters from major manufacturers. 


“This new driver expands the award-winning software’s long list of supported peripherals for wide-format production,” Caldera said. 

Fujifilm’s latest Acuity Ultra R2 Series of roll-to-roll super wide inkjet printers suit a range of indoor and outdoor applications.  Designed for super wide format printing, the Acuity Ultra R2 can print up to 5 meters wide, and comes with industrial printheads with a 3.5 picoliter drop size and special LED UV inks. The Acuity Ultra R2 also embeds a range of innovative features— a water-cooled vacuum table to avoid shrinkage and wrinkling on heat-sensitive substrates, as well as substrate detector and media sensors to ensure high-quality results. 

In a statement, Caldera said: “When it comes to colour accuracy, CalderaRIP embeds premium components to always ensure perfect results no matter the application or substrate: the latest version of the powerful Adobe PDF Print Engine ensures a reliable reproduction of your designs on any surface, while the outstanding X-Rite i1Prism Profiler manages ICC profiling to ensure smooth gradients and colour consistency across your production. 

“Caldera embeds a host of features to help industrial printers increase their profitability:  

- The TrueShape Nesting algorithm to create optimized layouts to reduce media waste

- The Tiling+ module to help you produce complex, large-format projects  

- Automated job submission with SmartImport* to reduce manual errors.  

“At Caldera, we believe that saving valuable production time starts at the prepress stage, during which all errors can be prevented to ensure a streamlined workflow. PrimeCenter has been developed to help digital printers optimize their file preparation for digital printing and cutting, and integrates seamlessly with CalderaRIP to bridge the gap between prepress and production. Take advantage of Caldera’s ecosystem to scale up your production, cut down manual errors and media waste, and increase the profitability of your printing business.” 

All print and cut drivers are available for download on Caldera WorkSpace.   



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