Pacprint 2022 venue the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC ) has held its first ‘Centrestage Update’ customer briefing via Zoom and said the lifting of Covid restrictions in Victoria point to a bright outlook for 2022.

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 “The news was overwhelmingly good for PacPrint, with all signs pointing to the MCEC holding numerous events well before Christmas and expecting a big lift in both the number of events and the venue’s capacity limits from March and April next year,” said PacPrint organiser Visual Connections.

MCEC CEO Peter King told the briefing that while the pandemic had created an undeniably difficult landscape for the venue, his team had used the time wisely, adding expertise and capabilities, expanding and revising its management structure, and investing in new digital tools and technologies to make it even more agile and customer-focused.

There is no question, he said, that venues are on the way back to full capacity, with the MCEC positioned more strongly than most due to positive discussions with Government which could see it designated a ‘venue of significance’ – leading to an expedited easing of restrictions.  An announcement on that is expected soon, King said.

Jenny Harris, events manager for Visual Connections, organisers of PacPrint, Visual Impact and the Label & Packaging Expo, said the MCEC update should give confidence to everyone making plans to travel to Melbourne for the shows.

“The indications from government are very clear that we will be moving to lift a whole suite of restrictions into 2022 as we work towards living safely with COVID-19,” Harris said. “Already, the MCEC is hosting successful events, and we would expect that things will look almost back to normal by the time PacPrint rolls around mid-year. Regardless of restriction changes, however, the MCEC is now well-versed in providing a COVID-safe environment with contactless check in and payment systems across the venue, clear signage and floor decals, more than 100 sanitiser stations and plenty of COVID marshals to enforce capacity limits and social distancing.

“Other risk mitigation strategies include revised cleaning schedules and a new return-air HVAC system, which pushes 100% fresh air into an indoor space, lifting the air quality to essentially on par with outdoor spaces.”

The physical spaces within the MCEC complex are also being reimagined with greater access to outdoor areas and the new 2000m2 rooftop Skyfarm.

“We have an excellent relationship with the team at the MCEC and are working closely with them, with our other partners, and with well over 60 exhibitors as we confidently prepare for the shows to open from June 28 – July 1, 2022,” said Harris.

Latest information, floor plans, exhibitor details and more will continue to be available on the PacPrint website,


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