Cactus Imaging co-founder and GM Keith Ferrel is the guest speaker in this week’s edition of HP’s Large Format Inspire webinar series (Wednesday 20 October, 1pm AEDT / 3pm NZDT). 

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 Every Wednesday for the next 5 weeks, HP’s Jeremy Brew will speak with leaders in the large format printing industry to discover “how they started, overcame challenges, celebrated milestones and much more.”  

keith ferrel
 Keith Ferrel, GM Cactus Imaging

Ferrel co-founded Cactus Imaging in New Zealand in 1992 and after a year of operation in Auckland, he moved to Sydney to set up the sales arm of Cactus Imaging Australia. 

It proved so successful that in 1996 Cactus Imaging set up a full-scale, state of the art production facility in Sydney.  The company, now owned by leading outdoor advertiser oOh!media, is one of the leading grand format production companies in the Asia Pacific region. Ferrel was also one of the drivers in setting up the successful Cactus Imaging India. 

“Keith is widely recognised as an innovative thinker and is one the most knowledgeable and influential people in the print industry,” Brew said. “Keith is a member of both the Asia Pacific/Japan and Global boards of Dscoop, as well as serving on the board of Fespa Australia. He has been inducted into the Fespa Hall of Fame and was awarded the Fespa World Printer of the Year in 2014.  Don’t miss your chance to hear more about Cactus’ journey, and to learn from Keith’s wealth of knowledge gained across his impressive 3 decades in print.”

HP Large Format Inspire series 
DATE: Wednesday 20th October, 2021

TIME: 1pm AEDT / 3pm NZDT

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