In a bulletin to all members, ASGA, through its administration manager Kym Oakley of AiG, has assured NSW sign contractors that they come under the construction industry exemptions and can continue working. The notice cites the relevant NSW government rulings. Meanwhile, Victoria's construction industry is shut down amid violent protests.


Sign worker ASGA
With ropes or down of the ground - Sign workers are construction workers

Notice to NSW Signage Manufacturers

NSW Health states that Construction work is allowed under the current Covid restrictions.  The further state that:

  1. 9. Construction

A construction site is a place at work, including related excavation, is being carried out to erect, demolish, extend, or alter a building or structure, or at which civil works are being carried out, but not work carried out in relation to a dwelling in which a person is residing.

So if you are working on a Construction site then all is good, providing you comply with NSW Health requirements for the location you are working in.

NSW Health states that Manufacturing:

  1. 8. Manufacturing

Manufacturing of building supplies to support construction is Allowed

So if you are manufacturing signage to be used on a construction site, then all is good, providing you comply with NSW Health requirements for the location you are working in.

NSW Health further state that:

  1. 14. Other Services

Essential services for the maintenance, safety and upkeep of public and recreational spaces is Allowed.

So if the work you are doing is required to maintain safety or the upkeep of an area open to the public, then all is good, providing you comply with NSW Health requirements for the location you are working in.

ASGA appreciates the advice given by our Risk and Compliance consultants, however, please remember if you are unsure or unclear about anything, to please contact either NSW Health on 13 77 88 or contact Fair Work Australia on 13 13 94.

Kind Regards,

Kym Oakley

Australian Sign & Graphics Association


In Victoria it's another story, as Channel 9 news just reported:

The Victorian construction industry was shut down for at least two weeks over "widespread non-compliance" and in response to the violent protests outside the state's CFMEU headquarters in Melbourne.
State Treasurer Tim Pallas confirmed the move last night, about two hours before the shutdown came into force at 11.59pm.
He cited "appalling behaviour", "widespread non-compliance", concern about case numbers and multiple outbreaks linked to the sector as reasons behind the shut down.
"We've been clear: if you don't follow the rules, we won't hesitate to take action – we have seen widespread non-compliance across the industry and that's why we're taking necessary steps to protect every single Victorian," Mr Pallas said. "We put the industry on notice just a week ago, we have seen appalling behaviour on-site and on our streets, and now we're acting decisively and without hesitation."
The government said all construction projects in Metropolitan Melbourne, Ballarat, Greater Geelong, Surf Coast Shire and Mitchell Shire would be closed, "with a strictly limited exemption for workers to attend the sites to respond to an emergency or perform urgent and essential work to protect health and safety".
"An amnesty will be put in place so that a limited number of workers can attend construction sites in order to shut them down safely," the government said in a statement.


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