Melbourne-based national signage business Signcraft has announced details of a joint venture deal with Colorlux of the Philippines. Colorlux owner Kim Nauntofte has relocated to Melbourne to take over as the new CEO at Signcraft.

signcraft hq i
    Signcraft headquarters in Altona North, VIC

The joint venture between Signcraft and Colorlux is an equal partnership agreement that grew out of an existing relationship between the two companies, Signcraft said. Colorlux was already exporting signage products to Australia and became a supplier to Signcraft in early 2019.

Signcraft SamKing
Signcraft founder Sam King

Both companies have strong relationships with global clients and long-standing partnerships across a range of industries, including automotive, transport, petroleum, retail, health, QSR and hospitality.

The joint venture took effect July 1 2020, with industry veteran Nauntofte taking over remotely while still based in the Philippines - due to Covid-19 - from interim CEO Ian Griffiths, who has returned to the FMCG sector.

Kim Nauntofte CEO
  "Greater global reach and increased
         manufacturing capabilities":
     Kim Nauntofte, CEO Signcraft

Nauntofte was able to relocate to Australia on March 1 2021. He now manages the business out of Signcraft’s head office in Altona North.

“The combined forces of Signcraft and Colorlux, two large-scale signage manufacturing facilities, makes for a very powerful alliance,” Nauntofte said. “This venture will take the Signcraft business to the next level with even greater global reach and increased manufacturing capabilities, all while maintaining Signcraft founder Sam King’s original vision of high-quality signage and exceptional customer service.

“After relocating through COVID-19, I am now permanently based in Melbourne and eager to see how Signcraft evolves as an Australian and global manufacturer. I am a firm believer of investing in people, processes, and technology. In conjunction with the new joint venture, these three pillars are how we will continue building high-quality signage, providing exceptional customer service and ensuring our clients achieve complete branding success.

“Looking back, both Signcraft [est. 1971] and Colorlux [est. 1950] have proven they can stand the test of time, be innovative and evolve with technology, overcome industry challenges and turbulent periods, and still grow into successful industry leaders. Today, I see an alliance that launched amidst a global pandemic and still achieved solid financial growth.

“Together, we have dedicated time and resources into using quality materials to produce quality products, researching solutions to known industry problems and investing in technology to create superior products,” said Nauntofte. “Our ongoing success is directly associated with providing a service that meets the needs of the market.”

Signcraft celebrates its 50th anniversary later this year.



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