The first sale of the :Anapurna XLS taken at  Drupa 08 bodes well for Agfa, many further orders were taken at the show.

KP Print Group in the UK take the first machine claiming the investment is part of a £2m spend on kit this year, which the company anticipates will help drive the printer's £7.5m-£8m turnover to more than £10m in the next 12 months.

The new :Anapurna XLS caters for both rigid and flexible substrates and is designed to eliminate the need for users to have to compromise between speed and quality as it is specially designed to provide photographic quality at high-production speeds. The XLS comes in a choice of speeds and produces top-quality printing with highly saturated, wide gamut colours in the medium, large and extra-large formats (up to 250 cm). It also allows borderless printing and has the capability for dual board printing.
The printer outputs photo quality images at resolutions of 1440 dpi enabling reproduction of very fine text and line art. The system incorporates many unique design features for advanced operator support, automated maintenance, calibration and remote diagnostics. This printer is built around Agfa's Universal Print Head (UPH) technology. The :Anapurna XLS ink is developed for optimum jetting reliability, image quality and adhesion to a wide variety of industry-standard media.

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