Readers of Wideformat Online might be unfamiliar with Currie Group, since the recent addition of EFI's range of printers to the Australian-owned supplier's portfolio is its first venture into Signage and Display. Currie Group is a leading supplier of digital presses for both cut sheet and labels (HP Indigo) and a host of ancillary equipment such as finishing (Horizon, ABG) and plates (Agfa). Built on service first, Currie Group will deliver the same high standards to EFI wide format customers.
Efi pro 30f 680x300 00 
 EFI Pro 30f flatbed from Currie Group - the LED-UV flatbed with extra large vacuum table
Chosing the right wide format printer can be a daunting task these days - customers are spoiled for choice across brands, formats and productivity. The hardware and Rips have come a long way since the first flatbed UVs and superwide roll-to-rolls in the 1990s.
EFI has probably the broadest range of energy-efficient LED wide format printers. In taking on the range in all but the single-pass industrial devices such as Nozomi, Currie Group has appointed one of the industry's most knowledgeable technical people in Paul Whitehead.
As the energy builds, Currie Group is focusing on four key models and will steadily build on its EFI range offerings and support. First up is the:
EFI Pro 32r+ Wide Format Roll-to-Roll Inkjet Printer
Efi pro32r plus 680x300 00
Print up tp 3.2 metre wide or 2 x 1.6 metre rolls side-by-side. Banners, Billboards, Wallpapers, Floor Graphics, Flags, Soft signage - all of the everyday workhorse materials are zipped through with the Pro32r+ at speeds of up to 296 sqm/hr. Inks are available co-branded with 3M for fleet graphic wraps, when printed with 3M flexible media, are covered by the 3M MCS warranty. An integrated mesh kit is included, as is a light box for proofing back-lit prints. Spot colour support with EFI XF colour management - optional white and varnish; it's all available on the Pro 32r+
EFI Pro 30f Wide Format Flatbed Inkjet Printer
Efi pro 30f 680x300 00 
The EFI Pro 30f is a true flatbed printer - with extras. Its larger bed size offers a printable area of 3.05 m x 2.04 m and bleed printing. Thicker media up to 100 mm thick can be printed. EFI's industry-leading white inks add to versatility and 2 White channels are standard with CMYK, as does precise double-sided printing thanks to the six- zone vacuum table. Productivity is excellent, at up to 198 sqm/hr. Quality is assured with resolutions up to 1200dpi. Inksets are available to enable stretch printing, most rigids and specialty substrates such as wood, glass and metal.
EFI Pro 16h LED Wide Format Hybrid Flatbed / Roll-fed Printer
Efi pro16h 680x300 00
Some printers require an all-round solution, maybe to save space, maybe to save on costs. The EFI Pro 16h is the answer with a 1650mm maximum media width and cappable of up to 50.8mm thick substrates. Another 'green' cool-curing LED-UV printer, it can run production quality at 29 sqm/hr or Express mode at 91 sqm/hr, at resolutions up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. Fast change-over between flexible or rigid media makes the TCO of the Pro 16h very attractive and it comes integration-ready with EFI Web-to-Print and MIS/ERP solutions with native JDF connectivity for e-commerce.
EFI VUTEk 32h LED Hybrid Inkjet Printer Superwide Printer
Efi vutek 32h 680x300
Hybrid production is also available in the 3.2 metre superwide format with the EFI Vutek 32h LED-curing printer. On this machine, you can print up to 60 1.4 x 2.8 mtre sized rigid boards an hour, or up to 84 sqm/hr of flexible roll media. Up to 8 colour channels plus white for superb colour including Pantone matches, and an optional clear ink that can be used as a spot or flood coating. Best of all, it consumes 82% less energy than mercury-arc non-LED curing printers. The Fiery DFE with FastRip ensures smooth workflow and fast Ripping.
If you are looking for value, productivity and ROI in wide format print production, why not check out EFI from Currie Group?
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