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New Hexis high-opacity printable film & anti-microbial laminate promotion

Hexis has announced a new high-opacity printable film range that uses clear adhesive but has the opacity of gray adhesives. Designated 'TOR' for Top Opacity Range, stocks are on the way and expected to dock around end of February. Also, Hexis' Pure Zone anti-microbial laminates are seing high uptake in the fight against Coronaviruses.

Hexis tor3001wg img
 Compatible with all ink types, Hexis new TOR range has high opacity with a clear adhesive


Hexis has intoduced a major addition to its range of monomeric printable films: the TOR3001WG (Top Opacity Range), ideal for signage projects where opacity is a priority, such as on glass.

The TOR range features ideal whiteness and opacity (> 99%) as well as optimum printability. Employing a clear adhesive, the new film can also be applied to a wide range of substrates, making it a versatile plus high-opacity product, that can help reduce a sign business's inventory of materials.

Key benefits include:

  • · Level of opacity is as high as for a film with grey adhesive.
  • · Glass and flat surfaces.
  • · Durability of the unprinted film: 4 years outdoors.
  • · Compatible with all inks (solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV).

TOR prints can be further protected with laminates V650 (with a matte or gloss finish) or V700 (with a matte, gloss or satin finish) and, for UV prints, VCR650 (with a matte or gloss finish).

Pure Zone winning fight against Coronavirus

Hexis is also helping to arrest the spread of microbial infection, including Coronaviruses, with its ISO certified Pure Zone products. PureZone is not just a laminate for signage but can also be applied to most smooth surfaces where microbial protection is called for - doors, vending machines, tables, glass etc.purezone decal

Pure Zone films are cast PVC enriched with silver (Ag) ions in a patented process that claims to have a 99.9% strike rate against bacteria. This technically sophisticated and high-quality film provides effective and long-lasting protection for public spaces, buildings and public transportation. It can be applied under any circumstances and in all locations with high sanitary requirements, such as clean rooms, cold rooms, nurseries, hospitals, food industries to name but a few.

Hexis has established a dedicated health division - Hexis Health - where anti-microbial products and applications can be seen.

Hexis Australia General Manager Ian Parsonson notes: "Pure Zone has been installed as a major project in Perth’s new Boola Bardip Museum, with installation completed by Footprint Graphics of Mandurah. All touchscreens on ticketing machines at Perth Station, WA Rail, have been Pure Zone protected. Other station lines in Perth are currently being protected in the same way."

He adds: "Another installation is at a Sydney BWS store, who subsequently received a high commendation by NSW Police officers during an inspection (Public Health Order) late last year. They praised the efforts taken by BWS in exceeding the Covid Management Plan requirements, specifically referencing the Pure Zone installations around all the main touchpoints. This installation was managed by NextAge.

"These are Just a few of recent Pure Zone anti-microbial installs. There have been many more in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, as well as a high number in WA."

Hexis is staging a 'Hexis Week' promotion from 18th-22nd January, with Pure Zone 1370mm x 30 metre rolls discounted for this period only.

Hexis ticket machines WA rail
Touch screens of ticket machines at Perth railway station being Coronavirus protected with Hexis Pure Zone film