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Durst wins EDP awards for Rho 2500 and best workflow

Two European Digital Press Association Awards have been awarded to Durst, manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies. They were for its Rho 2500 in the Best Flatbed/Hybrid Printer > 250 sqm/h category and the other for Durst Workflow (Best Workflow Technology).


durst rho 2500 w800
The EDP- award-winning Durst Rho 2500 hybrid flatbed wide format printer

The awards are further recognition of Durst’s innovation as it continues its journey to become a complete solutions provider in line with its 'Pixel to Output' strategy. Recent announcements have included the P5 350 High Speed printer, together with Durst 'Automat', and expansion of workflow, analytics, automation and ink solutions for printers. The award-winning Durst Workflow is also available for non-Durst printers.Durst EDP Award

The EDP Technical Committee referenced the increasing importance of software and workflow. It said: “Important is not only the device or software itself, but also the impact of the product on people and users.”

“These awards are another strong reference point and third-party endorsement to what we have achieved through our mission to innovate,” says Manfred Glantschnig, Head of Product Management for Durst Professional Services. “Durst Workflow is part of our world-class software. In an integrated world, we continue to help our customers through complete solutions from hardware, software, inks and collaborations.”

Andrea Riccardi, Durst Group’s Head of Product Management, Graphics Segment, said: “We are proud to have been recognised by the EDP with these awards. We have been steadily building our offerings in line with end-to-end thinking for 360-degree business solutions aimed at the Smart Factory concept to streamline production and processes. The Durst Rho 2500 achieved this recognition as a high productivity printer that can be upgraded depending on the volume production capacity required. 

About the EDP

The EDP Association (European Digital Press Association) was founded in 2007 by six magazines with a special focus on digital technologies. Today, the EDP has 20 member magazines from allover Europe, covering 25 countries and reaching more than half a million readers (printededitionsonly). One of the declared goals of the EDP Association is to help users find the right solutions for their applications. Meanwhile, the EDP Awards are highly regarded in the market and are a strong reference point. Eachyear, experts from the EDP circle evaluate the latest technologies and product developments in categories such as hardware and software, large/wideformatprinting, commercial printing, industrial solutions, finishing and consumables. The best products in each category are honored with an EDP Award. Since 2007,the EDP has handed over around 360 awards for the best technology and product developments ‐ now 29 awards are being added in 2020.