Mellow Colour Ltd., represented here by DES will release at Drupa 08 the latest version of the popular PrintSpec ISO 12647 colour quality control & verification software, as well as a free of charge FlashPrintSpec version, dedicated to Print Buyers.

Now boasting 18 Australian installs, PrintSpec allows Printers to generate comprehensive ISO 12647 pass/fail reports generated from the small PrintSpec strip placed along with production CMYK printed work.

PrintSpec Reports include ISO12647 pass/fail information about the CMYK inks, the overprinted colours, the Dot Gain (TVI) and Grey balance. A configurable ‘percentage of ISO Excellence’ scoring system is built in.

The targets and tolerances of ISO 12647-2, 3, 4, SWOP and GRACol are selectable from pull down menus, and custom in house standards can be generated for special applications.

WA News have recently adopted PrintSpec, Derek Williamson, Production Support Manager at WA News commented, “We have been working towards ISO for a couple of years. PrintSpec has given us a scientific approach to colour control, colour management and post press analysis. We can track the way we print, monitor each job, and really achieve consistency. We produce regular PrintSpec reports, track trends and identify on-press & post press issues, so we can notify the guys of any concerns before they escalate into problems.”

FlashPrintSpec allows Print Buyers, Publishers and Printers to generate comprehensive ISO 12647 pass/fail reports generated from the small PrintSpec strip placed along with production CMYK printed work.

The benefits of printing accurately to an independent, international standard offers huge benefits to printers. Colour quality control brings reduced make ready times, reduced waste, quicker turnaround, effective communication and therefore, increased customer satisfaction.

PrintSpec is also a distinct marketing advantage in colour critical printing. Printing to common standard ISO 12647, is attractive to the Print Buyer, who can then rely on a supplier to offer consistent colour, job –to job, and to international targets and tolerances.

For printing companies requiring a more powerful set of colour quality control tools, PrintSpec Colour QA Manager and PrintSpec Colour Consultant have new features added for launch at DRUPA 2008.

These include:
• Calibration Manager - for tuning the CMYK printing process, using TVI (dot gain) or grey balance methodology
• Curve Tuner - for fine tuning of TVI curves printed from non-linear plates
• Neutralise - for generating TVI curves that produce neutral three colour greys calculated from the standard PrintSpec strip
• Match Curve – for matching print appearance from ISO standard paper types to different stocks
• Averaging of multiple reports, historic analysis and advanced trending tools have also been enhanced for the DRUPA version of RetroSpec.

 “The benefits of a simple pre requisite such as this could be huge for Print Buyers. It will reduce proof cycle times & result in a more efficient approval process. It also gives Buyers a simple way to recognise & monitor a supplier’s consistency. To meet with these standards a supplier is demonstrating technical commitment & acceptance, which is becoming more and more important as the industry moves towards standardisation.” Stated Alan Dresch, Director of Mellow Colour.

Dresch went on to say, “FlashPrintSpec colour quality control and production analysis is not just about the Print Buyer defining satisfactory performance to their suppliers. Mellow Colour is focused on the facilitation of communication. By using a target such as ISO 12647, we are giving the Buyer & their suppliers an independent and synchronised objective that will help them work together and understand quality issues.”

Mellow Colour have also established a Proficient Printer Program, recognising printers around the world that have received training in the practical implementation of ISO 12647 and operation of the PrintSpec Colour QA System. Print Buyers use the Proficient Printer Program to recognise and monitor a print supplier’s performance to ISO 12647.

David Crowther, DES comments, "For the last five years, DES, together with Mellow Colour has been openly promoting the ISO 12647 standard as the way forward for industry in our region. We are proud to be aligned with an innovative company like Mellow Colour. PrintSpec has a proven track record in the field. The Drupa release product enhancements, increased functionality, together with the Free of Charge FlashPrintSpec only further cements Mellow Colour as a leader of Colour Quality Systems for Printers and Print Buyers alike."

Click here to see a sample report.

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