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Epson’s first 12-colour large format printers for photos, fine art

Epson is introducing its first 12-colour large format printers - the SureColor SC-P7500 (24”/61 cm) and SC-P9500 (44”/111.76 cm) - aimed at applications including professional photography, art reproduction and proofing. 

epson 12 colour

“The SureColor SC-P7500 (24 inches, 61 cm, DIN A1+) and SC-P9500 (44 inches, 111.76 cm, DIN B0+) are ideal for artists, photographers and proofing users because their large colour space ensures reliable, high-quality colour reproduction, “ says an Epson press release. “In spite of their exceptionally high print quality, both new Epson printers work very quickly and are therefore also good hands in production. The new SureColor is based on the newly developed UltraChrome Pro12 ink set, which is based on the proven K3 technology and complements it with orange, green and violet ink.”

The two models of the SureColor SC-P series were developed for applications such as professional photography, art (re)production and proofing, where the highest print quality is required. Matching the new 12-colour ink set, a new Epson print head with up to 800 nozzles for each of its twelve colours is also used, which also allows even more precise placement of the individual ink drops. The twelve micro-piezo printheads with an original resolution of 300 dpi used in the devices enable production at high speed and top quality. 

The change between Photo- and Matte Black takes place without rinsing the ink system. While images benefit from smooth colour gradients and a precise print pattern, the Black Enhancement Overcoating Technology achieves higher black densities. Both the SureColor SC-P7500 and SCP9500 Fine Art support paper, canvas, photo paper, proofing media and a host of other media.

Epson offers the option of installing an Epson SpectroProofer on both printers. With this and the corresponding proofing software, fully automatic colour measurement, profiling and colour management workflows are set up depending on the software used.

“In order to offer the market highly innovative products, we listen carefully to what our customers want,” said Frank Schenk, head of Epson’s Professional Graphics and Industrial business in Germany. “In this way, we build printers without superfluous features so that we can focus on the things that are most important to our customers. I am convinced that we have achieved something special with the new SureColor SC-P, because the new series gives our customers a high degree of creative freedom and opens up new business opportunities. 12-color photo printers are a premiere for us. These machines impress with their print speed, high print quality and very user-friendly operation. All elements – hardware, print head, ink, media, software and support – have been designed to work together in harmony.”