Not all vehicle wrapping film needs to be printed. The market for 'paint replacement' and 'custom colours' is growing fast and a major contributor to the outstanding CAGR of 22.5% predicted up to 2025 by Grandview Research. Currently the global wrapping film market is estimated to be USD$ 2.87 billion per annum for 2019. 3M has introduced a new range of films that have a protective layer.

2080 Protective Film Layer 14 
 3M's new 2080 gloss film comes with a removable protective clear layer for perfect results

3M has introduced an industry first – the new 3M™ Wrap Films Series 2080 gloss films come engineered with a Protective Film Layer, allowing for easier installation and greater protection of gloss films during installation. Further innovations in the new 3M Wrap Films Series 2080 include; better conformability for further ease of installation and an extended warranty of up to seven years* on vertical applications, to drive greater confidence and peace of mind for both installers and consumers.

The low-density polyethylene Protective Film Layer, positioned over the top of the film’s surface, remains in place during installation and is removed easily after application, ensuring a clean finish, and leaving the film itself free from scratches or other surface imperfections such as hazing or mottling.

2080 Gloss Black Installation 2
3M's 2080 film conforms to contours beautifully

New innovations in automitive film technology are consistently being made to achieve smooth and distinctive wrap designs. The patent-pending Protective Film Layer on gloss colours comes positioned over the top of the film’s surface to reduce the potential for surface imperfections, such as hazing or blotchiness. This remains in place during the installation and is removed easily once the film is applied, to reveal a perfect finish. As a result, vehicle owners and installers will have the peace of mind that any scratches made to the Protective Film Layer will not transfer to the film itself, nor mar the look of the completed wrap. “The new 3M Wrap Films Series 2080 gloss films ensure both quality aesthetics and performance, and we’re excited to see the impact it has for installers and their customers.” said Janelle Pizzi, USA product marketer, 3M Commercial Solutions Division.

Simultaneously, the warranty backed by science, means installers and consumers can have increased confidence that when wrapping a vehicle with 3M film, it will both perform during installation and uphold its striking appearance when maintained correctly.

The multi-layer cast, adhesive backed film will be first available in 41 colours, of which there are 6 new colours available to meet current consumer  trend demands, and all of which can be used with 3M Knifeless Tape.

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2080 Gloss Black BMW

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