The Printing Industries Association of Australia is changing its name to the Print & Visual Communications Association (PVCA) to reflect the changing nature of the print industry.

piaa logo
 The former logo of the PIAA 

Hours after the plan was revealed last week, PIAA CEO Andrew Macaulay made a statement confirming the move, which is set to be ratified this week during a Special General Meeting of the association at PrintEx.

The rebrand has been welcomed by fellow industry body Visual Connections - the suppliers’ association for the print, graphics and signage industries.

Peter Harper
  Peter Harper, CEO Visual Connections

Visual Connections CEO Peter Harper says the change brings the PVCA into line with other organisations like VisCon in reflecting the changing and expanding nature of the industry.

“Our industry is an increasingly diverse, connected and dynamic sector which has evolved enormously from simply ‘ink on paper’ for print, or ‘brush in hand’ for signage,” Harper says. 

“Today, we are an interconnected and integrated industry that incorporates everything from design and creative, through software and IT, to highly automated manufacturing and delivery across a wide range of products and solutions for print, sign, display, engraving, labels, packaging and much more, and into the integration of online and virtual technologies.”

Just as his own organisation did five years ago when it became Visual Connections following the merger of the Graphic Arts Merchants Association of Australia (GAMAA) and the Visual Industry Suppliers Association (VISA), Harper says the PVCA has chosen a name which better represents its membership and reflects the broader range of solutions they provide to meet the requirements of the ever-changing market.

“Our members, who supply the technology, equipment, solutions and services which support PVCA members, recognise that same challenge and are constantly evolving to ensure print service providers can continue to provide the ‘visual connections’ on which their customers rely,” says Harper.

“We look forward to continuing to work closely with the PVCA and other key representative bodies as we seek to support our industry and contribute to a sustainable future through education, sponsorship, grants, networking opportunities and of course exhibitions such as PrintEx, PacPrint and Visual Impact.”





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