Water-based ink manufacturer Magna Colours has launched its new MagnaPrint UV-reactive invisible ink range, initially with just a dark blue.

In development for over six months, the ink has been launched for sampling, with worldwide distribution considered for 2018. The idea for the ink comes from work Magna have undertaken in the area of sports garments.Magna invisible ink4646 385x248

Helen Parry, Magna managing director, said the ink, intended for screen printers, was the only one of its kind to use water-based technology. The inks are designed to function either as a top coat or to be incorporated into a print. She said “It’s fair to say that it was triggered by the concept of having a UV light at a sports event”.

“It’s essentially an ink that is responsive under UV light only, the technology is used a lot in the security market, so we’ve kind of looked at that and extrapolated it into how you could use it in fashion". She went on to say “Blacklight is being used more and more in retailing and people are looking for different effects that are responsive to different lights.”

Magna are also looking initially to add a pale blue and a strong red, followed shortly after by a number of new colours – red, blue, purple and yellow – to add to its fgrowing photochromic UV range for outdoor use.

Distribution initially will be in Europe however this will extend to Central American and ASEAN markets in the new year.

Magna Colours


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