A delighted M&R has announced that SGIA has named Challenger III Product of the Year in the Automatic Garment Press category, and has named i-Image S Product of the Year in the in the Pre-Press (Exposure/Imaging) category.

Rich Hoffman, President & CEO of the M&R Companies, expressed his appreciation to SGIA for the awards, adding, “It’s extremely gratifying to have SGIA recognize Challenger III and i-Image S for their innovation and quality, and, by extension, to recognize the efforts of our research and development team and the highly-skilled technicians who build M&R equipment.”

MR Products of the year
“Challenger III is the namesake of M&R’s first automatic press,” Hoffman continued. “And while the technological advances found in Challenger III could only be dreamed of then, the rugged construction and attention to detail remain unchanged. The original Challenger was the defining press of its generation, and we believe Challenger III holds the same distinction today.
“i-Image S brings high-quality computer-to-screen imaging within reach of most small-to-medium-size print shops,” said Hoffman, “but it does so without compromising quality. It has the same software, printhead, output quality, and image area as the groundbreaking i-Image ST-36-1, but with a smaller footprint, exceptional pricing, and the ability to image up to 100 screens per shift.”




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