Condé Systems is now offering the Reveal PrintPerfect 600T Cotton Decorating System for white, light, and dark coloured cotton or blended fabrics. Vivid Chemical's new PrintPerfect system consists of a printer loaded with Reveal Textile Series Ink, RIP software, and Reveal film.

The Reveal T-Series ink is a reactive colourant created by Vivid to complement and maximize the capabilities of their Reveal-S film for white and light coloured garments (available now), Reveal-W film for white designs on dark fabrics (coming soon), and Reveal-WC film for colour + white designs on dark fabrics (coming soon). Unlike a DTG printer or white toner laser printer, the Reveal PrintPerfect printer has no white ink but creates white on the shirt by the interaction of the patented Reveal T-Series ink and coating technology on the W and WC film.
The Reveal PrintPerfect solution eliminates the limitations of using the Reveal-S film with sublimation ink. Now decorators can print and transfer photographs and subtle shades. And when used with the Reveal WC film, decorators can produce full colour graphics with white on dark shirts. This system will be a fraction of the cost of DTG printers and white colour laser printers along with being much easier to use (single step) and more flexible as no pre-treatment is needed.

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