Scott Donkin of Mutoh Australia told us that they will be showing at PacPrint for the first time the new ValueJet 1938TX, a 1910mm (75”) wide dual staggered head high quality direct-to-textile printer.

The brand-new VJ-1938TX is a 1910 mm(75") wide dual staggered head printer is specifically targeted at sampling of short run on-demand and local digital production of garments, upholstery, fashion, swimwear, interior decor fabrics, home textiles, flags, etc.  
Mutoh ValueJet 1938TXThe VJ-1938TX printer can also jet Mutoh’s genuine DD-series direct disperse inks well as Mutoh DS2-series universal sublimation inks for direct printing onto polyester fabrics.  
Mutoh ValueJet 1938TXKey Features of the VJ-1938TX:
• Dual staggered head design: latest drop-on-demand piezo inkjet technology.
• Variable drop printing: wide range of droplets and three drop families. Small droplets are ideal for light fabrics and larger droplets ideal for thicker fabrics requiring higher ink loads.
•  Print resolutions up to 1440 dpi.
•  Head gap up to 6mm to accommodate a wide range of fabrics.
•  Typical high quality production speeds up to 40sqm/h.
•  Newly engineered high end fabric feeding, front and back tensioning and take-up system for media weights up to 100 kg. Suited for both closed, open non-stretch and two way stretch fabrics.
•   Allows printing of both face-in and face-out roll media.
•   Integrated gutter system for open textiles.
•   Inks: Mutoh water-based pigmented textile inks. Green solution using heat fixation. No water required for post treatment (e.g. washing, steaming). Suited for printing on cotton, silk, rayon and mixed fibre fabrics. Mutoh Universal Sublimation inks (DS2-series) for transfer and direct printing onto polyester (min. 80 % PES). Mutoh Disperse Direct (DD-series) inks for direct printing onto polyester (min. 80 % PES).

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