In addition to their existing model, the T-Rex 320, the company is showing T-Rex 320 Mark II and their thermofixing unit Quickfix Neo Mark II. Both machines having additional new, detailed improvements for the high demanding textile printing developments. The new professional Raptor 320 printer, as well as the newly developed thermofixing unit Therminator 320 will also be on show.
The philosophy of the company has always been that the two applications of printing and drying must take place independently of the thermal fixing process.
Why? The actual digital printing and pre-drying process always takes place more slowly depending on the chosen resolution, print job, the width of the fabric and the printing material, than is required for the thermal fixing of the printed product.

Raptor 320
The Raptor 320
Therminator 320
The Therminator 320

Furthermore, the two machines types, the co-ordinated production set Raptor 320 and Therminator 320, are characterised by particularly attractive sales prices.
The following are some of specifications of the new Raptor 320 and the new Therminator 320
Raptor 320 - The professional direct textile printer
The following technical highlights distinguish these two new developments:
* Very compact, vibration-free and stable metal construction
* Equipped with the latest fiberglass cable technology for fast printing
* All RIP software products manufactured by the well known market leaders will be technically
* Maximum substrate width 320 cm, minimum width 100 cm
* Designed for maximum width of fabrics up to 325 cm
* Substrate thicknesses from 0.2 to 2.0 mm
* Konica-Minolta i-Type printheads for the professional textile printing applications
* Optional for 6, 7 and 8 color setup
* Printing speed 140 m² / h with 6 - 8 colors
* Integrated high-performance dryer of the printed product with individually adjustable 7 heating
zones and effective and even air blow support
* 100% colour through print on both fabric sides, very important in flag printing
* For all ink systems: dispersion, reactive and pigment
* Very affordable ink prices, environmentally friendly, water based and also low cost in purchasing
* Ink-UV resistance and light fastness of 6-7 on the wool scale
Therminator 320 - The new high performance thermofixing machine
* The Therminator 320 is installed separately from the printer
* Compact and very stable construction and design
* Automatic fabric feeding and loading
* Constant fabric tension, no wrinkles
* No paper or felt required
* Absolute uniform and constant thermal fixation of all fabric materials, at optimum speed,
suitable to the material and independent of the fabric width.
* After fixing, the printed inks appear extremely bright
* Fixing speed of 100 running meters, or 320 m² / h
* Effective flue gas and dust extraction included. No smell
* Heated longitudinal knife cutters can be individually installed
* Fixing energy consumption 15 KW / h


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