M&R has introduced the DigitalSqueegee high-speed direct-to-garment (DTG) digital printhead.

A preproduction model of the DigitalSqueegee was previewed at the ISS Long Beach Show in January, where it performed flawlessly with M&R’s Stryker automatic oval press. The hybrid system was used to print images on both white and black shirts using screen-printed acrylic-based white ink to provide a toned underbase for the black shirt art.


“Screen printing remains by far the fastest, most economical way to print garments, but the digital component brings with it the ability to add special effects and to make every garment a one-off,” said President & CEO Rich Hoffman. “The problem has always been one of speed. Slowing a high-speed press down to the point where you turn out a print every thirty to sixty seconds rarely makes economic sense.
“But with its ability to print up to 720 images per hour, M&R’s DigitalSqueegee eliminates that issue,” Hoffman continued.
The DigitalSqueegee can deliver a full-color 40 x 50 cm (16" x 20") image in less than five seconds. digital squeegee intro 9r6CCX0Mr20144yrIt can be integrated with newer M&R automatic presses, and the CMYK images printed by the DigitalSqueegee are fully compatible with standard and advanced screen printing techniques, which can be used either before or after the digital print takes place.
The formal launch of M&R’s DigitalSqueegee will take place at FESPA 2017 in May. Product details and specifications will be available at that time.



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