Users of the GT3 printers will be pleased to know that the system works with a full HD, 13 MB pixel digital camera to get the right print placement within less than 1mm of error. 

Standing 32” above the printer, the AccuLine Camera System allows users the ability to precisely print on smaller areas such as a pocket to a maximum space of 16” x 18”.  The system is also not limited to T-Shirts and can easily align designs on shoes, caps, shirts, coasters, and more.
Brother GT3 printerBrother utilises a fully integrated system by manufacturing its own firmware, print heads, and software to deliver the best possible results.
The Brother GT-3 Series consists of a line-up of three modular models allowing users to upgrade as their business grows. The series offer a CMYK-only printer, a CMYK with two white print heads and a CMYK with four white print heads for higher speed and performance. For true colour matching, Brother's own formulated inks provide a wider colour gamut and with the availability in either 180cc or 380cc cartridges, offer easy compatibility to match print requirements.
Greg Benardos, Brother Channel Manager – DTG and New Technologies said “The technology and reliability of these printers stem from our success with previous GT series and our extensive range of domestic and commercial printers. Brothers experience of printing technology is merged with our experience in commercial development by manufacturing the printer, print heads, ink, and software development, to insure a fully integrated system, versus many competitors who use existing domestic parts and re-manufacture of commercial machines to develop  garment printers. This ability to produce a product with all critical components designed and manufactured by Brother makes the GT-3 Series our finest digital garment printer line yet. The precision now delivered through the new Acculine Camera System will dramatically enhance the users ease of use and help ensure desired results are achieved with every job.”
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