Direct Color Systems in the USA have introduced the first ever DTG (Direct-to-Garment) printer for light colored cotton, cotton blends, and 100% polyester and synthetics without the need for pretreatment whilst also having the ability to print to other media.

Blair Allen, President of Direct Color Systems said “The DTG market has long struggled with printing to polyester and synthetic blend DCS 1024UVMVP6 F4 with Logogarments with and without pretreatments. We are very excited about this new application and what it provides to the market as a whole. The ability to quickly and easily print to light coloured cotton, polyester, and various synthetic blends, without the need for a pretreatment, combined with the ability for the printed image to stretch with any fabric, can radically increase product offerings and profits for those in the DTG market. The durable and resistant prints include high strength and durability, are achieved when printing to white and light coloured t-shirts utilising the Multisolve IRF4 UV inks and compatible UVMVP or 7200z F4 Edition printers (Test results include 75+ wash/dry cycles).


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