The Digistar HI-PRO series from Kiian Digital has been awarded Nike's Restricted Substance List (RSL) Certification following its compliance with the global sports brand's rigorous regulations to meet or exceed worldwide legislative requirements, and is now licensed by Nike, Inc. for use in its substantial supply chain.

Verified by qualified laboratories, including the Bureau Veritas, as adhering to Nike's exacting chemical criteria, the Digistar HI-PRO series is a high-performance sublimation solution for fashion apparel, endurance sportswear, equipment and household textiles due to its ability to produce striking, high-quality graphics across an array of textile and rigid materials. Consisting of an extensive gamut of 14 intense and vivid colours, the Digistar HI-PRO range is fully-compatible with next generation Epson piezo print heads, offering supreme image quality, precise colour reproduction and quick drying.Digistar HI PRO ink
Nike aims to eliminate hazardous chemicals throughout its production chain. Its RSL requires that every Nike-branded product, including shoes, apparel, accessories and equipment from Converse and Hurley and Nike Golf, adheres to its sustainability commitment. This demands that its suppliers evaluate their chemical impact and incorporate less polluted manufacturing processes that comply with a comprehensive list of chemical standards. In terms of sublimation inks, these are subject to annual tests to ascertain the absence of a number of chemicals including organotins, PVC and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
The Digitstar HI-PRO inks enable existing users to perfect designs early and allows accelerated time-to-market as these approved products do not require additional testing. For print companies looking to increase their commercial opportunity, the Digistar HI-PRO series opens the door for them to be considered as an official Nike supplier as it guarantees that all the prints conform with the company's RSL requirements.
‘We are very pleased to announce that our Digistar HI-PRO range is an official Nike-approved ink and fully-compatible with Nike's RSL benchmark,' said Marco Girola, Kiian Digital Marketing Specialist. 'This highlights our long-term ethos of a sustainable business approach, not only for us as an ink manufacturer, but also in providing solutions that allow our customers to offer more environmentally acceptable products.’
Kiian Digital's advanced portfolio comprises of water-based inks that allow for increased productivity while reducing waste. With an expansive chain of regional dealers, the company embraces a business model of printing locally, thereby potentially eliminating the need for global shipping and further reducing its carbon footprint.
Girola concluded, ‘Offering rapid system set-up, less downtime and increased quality, our inks provide our customers with lower production costs and increased margins. This generates sustainable value for businesses that are looking to invest in digital production.’


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