Textiles Alive has announced the arrival of New Zealand’s first 3.2 metre textiles-dedicated printer that will change the landscape of printing across New Zealand from May 2016.

The MTEX Solutions 5032 Pro printer enables brilliant and vivid colours in wide format fabrics up to 3.2 meters for applications such as lightboxes and framing and display systems. “The new printer strengthens our commitment to our customers by helping their clients move their brands, products and services, says John Heyworth, Director of Textiles Alive. “We’re a people-focused company and the new machine aligns with our vision to become New Zealand’s preferred supplier of printed textile solutions. “The new machine arrives in New Zealand from Europe in late April and we’ll be in full-production for our customers from mid-May.

Textiles Alive is a progressive and established wholesale-only print supplier across New Zealand. It uses high definition digital print processes only and modern techniques that result in stunning print quality for small and large quantity production. It prides itself on being a ‘green’ alternative for printing and adopts a dye sublimation process that uses water-based dyes and recycled paper in the production process. Textiles Alive is a member of the Sustainable Business Network, Buy NZ Made and the NZ Sign and Display Association. Its customers are sign writers, print companies and resellers of indoor and outdoor display systems.

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 The MTEX Solutions 5032 Pro printer


Textiles Alive


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