Caldera demonstrated its dedicated fabric-printing suite for the first time in Europe at FESPA Digital 2016.


TextilePro combines the intuitive but powerful interface of Caldera’s core V10 platform with a wealth of tools specific to production onto fabric substrates. Recognising the skills gap often found by wide-format houses diversifying into textile, TextilePro helps operators avoid common errors by maintaining colour information in RGB until the last possible moment, ensuring fidelity to the original design.
Among the many innovations within TextilePro are advanced controls for the manipulation of colours, variable data and ink laydown. Caldera has rolled its existing pattern calculator, Tex&Repeat, into the suite to help companies create accurate but adaptable patterns to speed up design decisions. TextilePro also incorporates a Photoshop plug-in to simplify colourisation, swatch swaps and other variations when sending designs to print.
“Wide-format printers are looking to extend production into soft signage and apparel, while industrial-scale textile houses want to assimilate the benefits of digital print,” explains Sébastien Hanssens, Vice-President Marketing and Communications, Caldera. “TextilePro accommodates every production situation within the clear, profit-focused suite now enjoyed by thousands of Caldera-based companies worldwide.”
“Textile and industrial print are only the beginning of a shift in how and why we print,” foresees Joseph Mergui, Chief Executive Officer. “When we started out 25 years ago we could only imagine the progress that inkjet would make. As our customers and partners refocus to take advantage of these opportunities, Caldera’s message throughout 2016 is that we are there to support them.”




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