Sun Chemical presented the first worldwide showing of SunTex, its newly launched range of water-based inkjet inks developed to deliver optimum performance for digital textile and soft signage print applications.

The new high performance SunTex portfolio, on display on the Sun Chemical stand featurd two ink ranges; SunTex Sonata a series of dye sublimation transfer inks and direct print dispersed inks for polyester and polyester-rich substrates; and SunTex Encore, a range of direct print pigment inks.
The SunTex Sonata series comprises a dye sublimation transfer family of inks, offering bright, vibrant colour and dense black reproduction, excellent transfer properties using low cost papers and delivers robust, durable print output with reliable and consistent jetting at high print speeds.
SunTex Sonata also offers a disperse-dye direct print ink option with high penetration print delivering excellent ‘show-through’ for double sided output such as flags and banners. The high-rub resistance of the ink, its toughness and durability makes it particularly suitable to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor applications.
The SunTex Sonata inks are available in a selection of colours for a range of wide format digital inkjet printers using Epson printheads.
SunTex Encore is the pigmented inkjet ink offering within the SunTex range. Available in the CMYK as well as additional special colours (red; orange; blue), this water-based pigment ink offers excellent adhesion to a wide range of media and delivers high levels of wash fastness and wet-rub resistance. Using SunTex Encore eliminates the need for any post treatment processes, speeding up production and making it suited for use in a wide variety of sportswear, fashionwear and home furnishing applications.
Commenting on the global launch of SunTex, Tony Cox Business Manager at Sun Chemical says, “There is increasing interest amongst the textile and soft signage print community for solutions that can cater for their growing demand for bespoke and customised designs, reduced delivery times as well as more cost-effective short-run production. Digital inkjet technology certainly enables this, and by using our extensive expertise and experience in digital inkjet ink development, we have put our knowledge and resources into the launch of a fully optimised portfolio of digital inkjet textile inks that meet all the criteria of this expanding and exciting market sector.

Sun Chemical


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