Sawgrass launched its new SubliJet-HD Pro Photo XF inks for the Virtuoso 25” / 630 mm 8 Colour HD Product Decorating System, the first set of eight colour inks the company has developed for the Sawgrass VJ 628 printer.

This new eight colour pro photo configuration - C, M, Y, K XF, Lc, Lm, Lk XF and Llk XF - expands the printer’s previous dual CMYK SubliJet-HD ink capabilities with a new formulation that includes three XF black inks that deliver superior UV stability and performance on ChromaLuxe high definition photo panels.    

“SubliJet-HD Pro Photo XF is the first eight colour ink set we have developed for the Sawgrass VJ 628, and we developed it with fine art and professional photography printers in mind,” said Darcy Mauro, President of Virtuoso SJHD VJ628 PRC2 AwardsSawgrass. “Together, both printer and inks deliver true photographic quality output, with smoother gradients and shading for skin tones, pastels and black and white images - all of which are crucial to producing the high end prints that are in increased demand.”
At FESPA 2015, Sawgrass previewed the VJ 628 printer and launched the complete Virtuoso 25” / 630 mm HD Product Decorating System with dual CMYK SubliJet-HD inks later that year. This year, Sawgrass is set to demo its newly expanded system to showcase the stunning quality of SubliJet-HD Pro Photo XF’s eight colour configuration.
The SubliJet-HD Pro Photo XF ink set has been extensively tested and optimized to deliver superior operating performance and professional quality, high resolution sublimation prints with Sawgrass VJ 628 dye sublimation printers and software. Both printer and ink set were named 2015 Specialty Graphics Imaging Association (SGIA) Roll-to-Roll Dye Sublimation on Metal Product of the Year, as their amazing eight colour output eclipsed that of some of the world's leading ink manufacturers in a blind, head-to-head comparison.
The SubliJet-HD Pro Photo XF inks includes three black inks that were developed in partnership with Universal Woods for increased UV stability, image longevity and performance on ChromaLuxe media. When used to imprint 2016 ChromaLuxe high definition photo panels, SubliJet-HD Pro Photo XF inks provide 4 to 7 times greater image stability than silver halide prints.
With an array of colour management options that include PowerDriver, print environments for Ergosoft, Wasatch RIP software and, soon, CreativeStudio, the new 25” / 630 mm 8 Colour HD Product Decorating System is ideal for interior signage, fine art and photographic reproduction or high volume production of personalised gifts and promotional products.




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