Pigment.inc, a division of Impression Technology, has announced their new P40i Dye Sublimation Ink. The new P40i Dye Sub Inks join the family of inks from Pigment.inc, including the recently announced P60i Pigment Ink, all of which have been developed for the GoTx direct-to-textile digital printing systems.

With a colour gamut that is among the most expansive offered, the P40i Dye Sub Ink is shipping with 19 colours including CMYK, Pigment Ink P40iNeon Blue, Neon Yellow, Neon Red, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Violet, Light Grey, Light Cyan, Light Magenta and CMYK Ultra Dense Colours. The P40i inkset offers versatility and was designed to be used for both direct-to-fabric printing and dye sub paper printing. Additionally, the inkset was tested and developed for the complete range of EPSON based print heads, including the DX 7.
Unique among dye sub inks, the P40i Dye Sub Inks include patent pending heat activated edge control for imaging crisp and vibrant colours for direct-to-textile printing. The Ultra Dense Colours provide up to 30% more density making the colours imaged by the GoTx printers deeper and darker for true ultra-fine output.
Steve Richardson, Managing Director, Pigment.inc stated, 'As we do with all of our Pigment.inc products, we strive to offer far more than is available in the market and then couple it with value pricing and performance. The new P40i dye sub inks certainly meet this criteria with an extensive feature set. Our colour gamut is literally 30-40% wider than most other dye sub ink families. Having the widest colour gamut provides our users the ability to be unique and versatile in their offering. The imaging output from the GoTx line of direct-to-textile printing systems using the P40i inksets have exceeded our expectations, and the neon colours pop and even more so under a black light.'
Pigment.inc’s P40i Dye Sub ink was developed to be used with their GoTx Direct-to-Textile Printing Systems. The 'Everything Textile' systems includes pre-coating, printing and fixing the fabrics for a complete end-to-end solution. Additionally the GoTx waterless curing process uses a unique horizontal curing process where the fabric is never touched during the fixing process.

Pigment.inc’s P40i Dye Sub ink is available immediately and ships in vacuum sealed degassed litre mylar bags.




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