J-Teck3 at ITMA 2015 will be focusing on its disperse dye ink J-Cube, a versatile range of inks dedicated to industrial print heads.

Launched for the first time during FESPA 2013, it was initially developed for Ricoh and Kyocera print heads used in industrial applications requiring high speed and quick drying on coated and uncoated transfer papers. The increasing success of the product together with the introduction of new print heads led J-Teck3 to develop new versions, both for transfer and direct-to-fabric applications, dedicated for use in different heads, thus making J-Cube a diversified premium ink range.
J-Teck 3 at ITMAManufactured with J-Teck's exclusive "Cluster Technology", these inks have been extensively tested and represent J-Teck's answer to market requests for high quality inks specifically developed for industrial applications such as fashion and home decoration.
With the strap line "A Cube for Every Print Head", J-Teck3's offer at ITMA 2015 includes:

*    Sublimation Printing
*    J-Cube KF    - Kyocera
*    J-Cube RF    - Ricoh
*    J-Cube NSK    - Konica Minolta
*    J-Cube PNF    - Panasonic
*     Direct-to Fabric
*    J-Cube KP    - Kyocera
*    J-Cube RP    - Ricoh
At ITMA 2015, four new high density colours will be launched in addition to the sublimation version for Ricoh and Kyocera heads. Identified as: Extra Cyan, Extra Magenta, Extra Yellow and Extra Black, these have been specifically developed for Ricoh and Kyocera heads where customers are printing on uncoated transfer papers, providing utmost printability and vibrant shades with reduced ink limit.
On display will also be J-Teck's complete range of digital inks: J-Next Subly, suitable for Epson DX6 and DX7 print heads, the well-known J-Eco Nano Line disperse dyes with Nanodot technology for direct and transfer printing on polyester. Their EPS System for double-sided printing in the digital direct-to-fabric printing process will also be featured.




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