FESPA 2015 (Cologne – Germany) will herald the global launch of a new business venture, Pigment.inc, from Impression Technology.

Impression Technology is the creator of DTG (Direct to Garment) Digital T-shirt printers. The tag line for the new company, Pigment.inc, is “Everything Textile”. A bold statement for the new business, but it is supported by more than a decade of experience in designing, manufacturing and global distribution of DTG Digital textile printers.
The concept behind creating the new company, Pigment.inc is to provide textile manufacturers with an End-to-End solution regardless of the fabric type. Other companies have focused their attention on just one or two printing machines aimed at a specific vertical market. The competitors offer machines that can only handle a few, very select types of fabric or are just too expensive to consider using for most textile printing. Most machine manufacturers only offer support for a limited type of ink, further restricting the application of the hardware. Many early adopters have mixed and matched inks with machines but are left without any warranty on the machine or the performance of the ink as a consequence.
{gallery}Simple_Image_Gallery/RoTx{/gallery} Part and Parcel of the launch of Pigment.inc at FESPA 2015 is the debut of the new RoTx range of roll-to-roll, digital textile printers. The RoTx Direct to Fabric (DTF) digital printers incorporate the totally new “Roto-Trac” fabric feeding system. At a fraction of the cost of “Sticky Belt” systems, Roto-Trac can still handle 95% of all the fabric that people want to print onto in a digital printer.
And the new RoTx machines are fast! These machines put machines twice their price to shame. There is nothing on the market that comes close to the RoTx for the price. Able to produce flags and banners at up to 100 square metres per hour, and high resolution imaging for fashion and interior design at up to 50 square metres per hour.
To be Everything Textile is not as simple as offering a trick new printer no matter how good it is! To provide that End-to-End solution for anyone into textiles, Pigment.inc offers a wide range of inks that can be paired up with the RoTx printer. Because different applications call for printing on different fabrics, Pigment.inc offers a choice of Reactive Dyes for Natural fibres in garment and fashion textiles, Sublimation Dyes for Synthetics used in Sportswear as well as soft signage, flags and banners and Pigmented inks for use across the range of fabric types for interior design, home ware, displays and other forms of soft signage.
That still isn’t enough to provide a complete End-to-End solution. Fabrics have to be pre-treated before you print on them, even synthetics. So FESPA 2015 is also the debut of Pigment.inc’s new Roll-to-Roll Pre-treater. Then after the printing is done, the print must be fixed. Reactive inks need to be steamed and washer, Pigmented inks require heat pressing and Sublimation dyes or Disperse dyes require high temperatures for sublimation or fixation.
For all these technical requirements of the different applications Pigment.inc will provide a complete End-to-End solution by pairing up the right Pre-treat system with the right inks in the Printer and the matching fixation system. It doesn’t matter what area of business you are in or what market segment you want to service with digital textile printing, direct to fabric,


Marcus Adler presenting the launch of Pigment Inc., at last year's VI show




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