Epson has teamed up with renowned fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto for the V&A's "Fashion in Motion: Kansai Yamamoto" at last week's event.

Using its specially developed inks, Epson has printed around 30 of Yamamoto's designs on its state-of-the-art digital textile printers amounting to more than1,000 m2 of textiles including cotton, polyester and silk.

Yamamoto's magnificent creations, which combine traditional Japanese designs and ultra-modern styles, were largely printed using specialist Genesta inks on the Monna Lisa textile printing system developed by Robustelli of Italy and using Epson's inkjet technology, and the Epson SurePress FP-30160. These printers, which are at the forefront of Epson textile pixEpson's efforts to introduce its unique inkjet printing technologies into the fashion world, allow designers such as Yamamoto full control over the printing process and ensure that designs are faithfully reproduced with spectacular results.

The Japanese designer, who began his career in London more than 40 years ago, approached Epson after seeing samples of its printed fabrics. "My policy for this show was to demonstrate how my creations today are superior to those when I debuted in London 40-odd years ago. One thing about Japanese aesthetic sense that has been passed from generation to generation is how combining layer after layer of patterns, and how the art of ingeniously blending various colors and patterns together generates completely original artistic beauty. When I saw what Epson had created I realized I had to hone my skills higher than ever before. Put a different way, it was Epson's passion for truly innovative technology that made my latest challenge possible. After this show, I really believe that the passion Epson and I share for creating beautiful creations will spread throughout the world."

"It was a huge honor to receive a proposal from a world-class designer like Mr. Yamamoto," said Eisuke Shimoyama, general manager for sales of industrial solutions including textile printers at Epson. "Despite the tight production schedule I am delighted that he is satisfied by the results. I sincerely hope that the success of this project will drive the growth of Epson's textile printer business going forward."

The V&A's Fashion in Motion series brings catwalk shows by leading international designers to the V&A. Four free catwalk shows will take place on 1 November, presenting archive and specially made pieces spanning Yamamoto's four decade career.

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