Croatian manufacturer Azon has announced Twin Tex, a printer that includes an XXL table to match applications such as industrial production and larger print sizes.

The table measures 60 cm × 80 cm and now enables the printing of not only on T-shirts but also on all sizes of towels, dresses, sheets, carpets, jeans etc in full colour and resolution up to 1400 dpi.
TwinTex XXLPersonalising jeans, aprons, kidswear and sportswear is easily done. The machine is adaptive for large-scale facilities or smaller printing applications, before or after the fabric is cut and sewed. Azon Twin Tex prints even on dark materials; white ink was specially developed for printing on dark garments by creating a solid surface on the printing area. Prints are washable up to 90–100 times without colour fading. The machine can print on any type of garment, from natural fabrics to the silk for scarves.




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