Bordeaux has launched its new ink series, the Textile Transfer Dye (EDEN ST) and Direct-to-Textile (EDEN SD) Sublimation inks.

These are high density inks that use less water and more dyes to deliver outstanding quality and ink yield. They are specially formulated to prevent dye migration and bleeding and paper cockling, one of the primary causes of printhead Bordeaux Eden Stcrashes and to enable long and unattended printing.
The EDEN ST is a high quality Transfer Sublimation ink that prints on polyester fabrics and polyester-coated rigid surfaces, while the EDEN SD ink is for direct printing on polyester fabrics producing washable and colour fast fabrics.
Both the EDEN ST and the EDEN SD are fast drying inks that support high speed printing for volume orders,they are of superior stability and have a high level of jetability. These are environmentally friendly inks, as they are water-based and have a faint scent but still produce bright and vibrant colours.


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