DTG Digital is about to release the New VIPER 2 garment printer designed to replace the award winning Viper model that has been an industry icon for the past 5 years.

The new Viper 2 brings all the features like ONE PASS print technology, a through printer conveyor bed for oversized prints and WIMS white ink management from the original Viper but with more.  

According to Steve Richardson CEO of Impression Technology manufacturers of the DTG digital range.

Viper 2“ we wanted to increase the speed and simplify the user interface to make the new Viper2 into something that printers will find far easier to maintain and operate. With the rise of Internet sales our customer base and their needs have changed, so we needed to evolve.
Customers want to print single orders through to hundreds reliably. We have worked hard to bring about what we believe is the most rugged printer with far less maintenance at a better price point in the market.
Printers just want to print they don’t want to shake cartridges and squeeze bags to manage inks! The new Viper 2 achieves this by way of some smart but simple engineering. Our DTG manufacturing team have developed from a progression of building so many machines over the years.
We know what is needed by printers and this is the core difference with DTG Digital and the reason we are the most trusted brand globally. I’m very confident that printers will adopt the Viper2 as a breath of fresh air in DTG printing and continue the legacy which is the DTG Viper”

The Viper2 brings a number of new features that complement the growing Internet sales and print for profit markets. An all new Garment platen system called the 4-2-1 allows prints to XXXXL  oversized garments, 2 standard garments or 4 smaller in one system. An advanced ONE PASS white and color option with greater laydown of ink. And the patented WIMS (white ink management system) is still retained but with a shorter ink tube length that is constantly pressurised at the print head which is an industry first. Overall color and print consistency has also reached a new level as well because of the pressurisation of inks through the entire print path including the printhead.  Maintenance is almost eliminated with only weekly cleans required; a special cleaning cartridge is also able to be used for shutdown over longer periods.

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