Kiian will launch the Digistar HI-PRO and Digistar E-Gold inks at the London Show 25-29 June 2013.

Kiian, FESPA's platinum sponsor, is a leading, global ink manufacturer with speciality in aqueous textile ink innovation. The two new products represent significant additions to the Kiian Digital product portfolio. The inks are unique in that both have been specifically designed and developed to serve a growing demand for Kiians aqueous textile inks and are compatible with the DX7 print head.
KIIAN Printed Applications

Digistar E-Gold has been designed for both direct and transfer printing and the Digistar HI-PRO has been designed for the industrial printing market; it operates with light and uncoated paper (50-60 gr/sqm) for transfer printing and is compatible with all generation DX print heads.
Alessandra Borghi, Commercial Director, Kiian, explains “We are all very excited by both of these product launches as the inks are uniquely developed for their specific applications. It is a little known fact that the current inks available on the market today for these applications are adaptions of existing ink profiles. But both the Digistar E-Gold and HI-PRO inks benefit from innovative chemistry that has been developed for a specific task, resulting in outstanding print.”
In addition to the improved performance characteristics of the inks themselves, the capability to print both transfer and direct, reduces management cost by fifty percent. 'It is not often that new products both add value from a quality perspective, and reduce cost as well! I look forward to connecting with customers and distributors at FESPA and informing them of these excellent new products.' Concludes Borghi.
Kiian Digital will also present the sublimation Digistar range of inks including Digistar DYS (disperse digital inks for direct printing), Digistar HD-ONE (sublimation digital inks for transfer printing), Digistar UPPER (sublimation digital inks for transfer printing) and Digistar ELITE (sublimation digital inks for direct and transfer printing).



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