M&R has announced that it will attempt to set a new world record for shirts printed in one hour by a single operator at FESPA 2013 in London.

The attempt will be made on a high-performance Challenger III D concept press and an M&R Passport automatic unloader. While the concept press will start as a standard Model 55 12-color Challenger III D, it will be specially equipped with M&R’s newest technological advances. The press will be used to print an image of six colors or more using a print stroke of at least 30 cm (12”).

ChallengerIIID overview
The M&R Challenger III D

According to M&R CEO, Rich Hoffman, “This will be more than an attempt at a new world record; it will be an opportunity to test the most cutting-edge components under the most demanding conditions, and the components’ performance will be used as a benchmark for future technological development. We fully expect that most of these components will, in some form, make their way into future M&R presses, just as concept-car and race-car technologies make their way to the cars we drive every day.”
While M&R will provide the equipment, New Buffalo Shirt Factory of Clarence, New York, USA, will provide the press operator. Jon Weiss, owner of New Buffalo, said, “We set the world record with M&R in 2005 and again in 2010, and we’re fully expecting to set another record in 2013.”
In 2005, New Buffalo’s Maddie Sikorski printed 1805 shirts in one hour on an M&R Formula 2000. In 2010, New Buffalo’s Luis Omar Viera eclipsed Maddie’s record by printing 1909 shirts in one hour on a Challenger III. When asked who will be printing for New Buffalo this time, Weiss said, “Our next press operator will be determined by a series of internal print challenges. With a chance to set a new world record and a trip to London in the balance, competition will be intense.”
Echoing his words from the 2010 attempt, Rich Hoffman said, “A lot has happened since the last record was set, but the elements that went into setting it haven’t. It still requires a phenomenal press and an extraordinary operator. Omar and Challenger III set the bar very high, but I’m confident that our new concept Challenger III D and New Buffalo’s operator will be up to the task.”

A video from the 2010 record-setting run can be seen by clicking here.





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