Sawgrass Technologies has announced the introduction and launch of their new A3 ChromaBlast transfer media.

Developed in partnership with a new transfer paper manufacturer, improved ChromaBlast media will provide new features and benefits including:
 •Noticeably superior wash fastness
 •Heat press and hand iron application
 •Hot and cold peel capability
 •Lower pricing
In combination with the superior, consistent colour and performance of ChromaBlast digital transfer ink, the enhanced features of new ChromaBlast media will ensure the ChromaBlast digital printing solution again raises the bar as the premium inkjet transfer solution for white and light coloured garments.
Target markets for ChromaBlast solutions will continue to be professional garment decorators, looking for an easy-to-use inkjet transfer for digital printing. In addition, the new hand iron capability of ChromaBlast media expands ChromaBlast solutions as the ideal solution for new markets and venues where commercial heat presses have been undesirable or unfeasible, such as schools, retail and remote locations, as well as low volume and seasonal uses.
While there are no immediate packaging changes, new ChromaBlast media is identifiable by an orange watermark ChromaBlast logo. It is fully compatible with all existing ChromaBlast solutions – inks, printers and PowerDriver software. There are only minor changes in the heat press fixation parameters.


Sawgrass Technologies


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