Epson enters the dye sublimation printing market for the first time with the announcement of two roll-fed dye sublimation printers: the 44-inch SureColor SC-F6000 and the 64-inch SureColor SC-F7000.

Providing high quality output at up to 720 x 1440dpi on all leading transfer papers, the new printers are not only the first dye sublimation models from Epson, but also the first in this sector in which every component, from ink and printhead, to printer chassis and optional accessories, are all designed and manufactured by one company. This ensures that quality, performance and reliability are all optimised for maximum productive uptime and profit, and a low Total Cost of Ownership.
Epson SureColor SC-F7000The SureColor SC-F models are durable and robust roll-fed CMYK printers that support an extensive range of applications. The mid-high volume 64-inch SureColor SC-F7000 and low-medium volume 44-inch SureColor SC-F6000 have been developed for the efficient production of quality soft signage, sportswear, apparel, accessories, customised promotional items and decorated gadgets. Innovative single-operator media loading and set-up features, such as automatic media tensioning and an intuitive LCD control panel, make both printers easy and quick to set up and use.
Both models output at speeds from 16 to 57m2/hr, depending upon application[1], and feature an integral and easily refillable, high-capacity 1.5 litre ink system. Furthermore, the auto take-up roll – standard for SC-F7000 and optional for the SureColor SC-F6000 – allows maximum uninterrupted production runs with minimal downtime for maintenance.
Epson’s MicroPiezo TFP® Print Head, which isalready an established technology within the dye sublimation sector, ensures precise and repeatable performance as well as excellent longevity. These, in conjunction with Epson UltraChrome DSink, a specially-developed new aqueous ink, produces outstanding images with vibrant colours, intense blacks, sharp contours and smooth gradations. Textile print produced by the SureColor SC-F series printers also exhibits excellent light- and wash-fastness, as well as resistance to abrasion and perspiration.
Guy Martin, product manager, Epson Europe, says: “Digitalisation of textile printing is still less than 2% of the market, but this application is growing rapidly. Our strategy is to increase that percentage, by providing professional print sectors with the most reliable and cost-effective production solutions for the growing short run production, fully engineered by Epson to deliver consistent quality results.”
Guy adds: “The new SureColor SC-F6000 and SC-F7000 provide the dye-sublimation market with a choice of printers to suit a range of creative applications, backed up by Epson expertise and support. This is only a start for us and we will launch more products in the future.”

Key Features (SC-F7000) (SC-F6000)
Productive, reliable and flexible dye sublimation printers 64-inch 44-inch
Epson engineered throughout for maximum productivity low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
ProvenEpson MicroPiezo TFPPrint Headfor high throughput,720 x 1440dpi resolution and long production life
Print CMYK on a wide range of dye sublimation transfer papers Up to 64-inch wide Up to 44-inch wide
Single-operator media loading with front access
Single-operator media loading with rear access
Automatic media tensioning control
Output speeds of up to 57m2/hr in Draft mode, 28m2/hr in Production mode, 16m2/hr in Quality mode1
Integral, easily-refillable 1.5 litre ink system for low maintenance and longer print runs
Auto take-up reel for long-run, damage-lessprinting Optional
Optional media supply system for heavy rolls of up to 80kg
Epson UltraChrome DS aqueous ink for vibrant colours, sharp contours and smooth gradations with excellent light/wash-fastness and abrasion/perspiration resistance
Ethernet and USB connectivity

[1]Specifications may change without notice. Please contact your local Epson dealer for further information


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