New Heytex Soft Blueback indoor banner fabric.

As the first indoor banner with blue back, the new Heytex Soft Blueback presents a quality of reproduced white and colour, which has often been requested by the market. Brilliant white, combined with an elegant, slightly textile structure, with high stress resistance and seamless usability up to five metres of width, make the new Heytex Soft Blueback a special product in many ways for particularly demanding applications, especially for wall covering.
In the textile sector, Heytex is now launching what has been standard in the paper market for quite some time already: the blue back of the new Heytex Soft Blueback banner material allows for the reproduction of brilliant white colour, which previously was not possible in this market. Colour reproduction, too, experiences a new quality due to this material. In addition, no more preparation for busy backgrounds will be required for this product. In short: Heytex Soft Blueback is the first choice for stunningly brilliant, elegant and high‐quality wall decoration for all trade fair, office and point of sale applications.
As wall decoration or glued-on wall covering, advertising media in display systems or sophisticated art reproduction ‐ the new Heytex banner material leaves an excellent impression wherever it is presented.

The elegant matt embossed surface with its light textile structure imbues the print with an exquisite note. With its seamless width up to 5 metres, it can even be used for extra large interior design projects without requiring additional work steps.

With a tear resistance of 1500/1200 N/5 cm, high scratch resistance and form stability, excellent reproduction properties are combined in this product with an enormous stress‐resistance and robustness.
 Heytex Soft Blueback weighs 340 g/m², can be printed with all standard digital print systems and inks, is flame retardant in accordance with DIN ISO 4102 B1, of course free from heavy metals and complying with EU‐REACH requirements.


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