The European Digital Press Association (EDPA) awarded the Mimaki TS500-1800 with the prestigious accolade of 'Best Wide Format Textile Printer 2012' at drupa 2012.
Launched at FESPA Barcelona 2012, the TS500-1800 is the fastest dye-sublimation printer on the market, capable of printing at 150 square metres per hour on transfer paper. In response to the market’s increasing demand for high quality at high speed, Mimaki has set the benchmark for the new standard in high performance digital textile printing.
As the run lengths of textile printing for soft signage and apparel increase, Mimaki launched the TS500-1800 to enable manufacturers to capitalise on the growing demand for personalised products in these two burgeoning digital markets. The Mimaki TS500-1800, suitable for sportswear, fashion, retail, soft signage and exhibition graphics, picked up the prize for its 'breakthrough in price and performance for indirect dye-sub printing and a print speed of 150sqm/hr', said EDP.
The TS500-1800 features a number of new capabilities that set it apart in the marketplace, including:

    Mimaki TX500-1800DS
  1. Unmatched printing speed for sublimation paper at 150sqm/h in high-speed mode. The TS500-1800 uses newly developed print heads that achieve a maximum speed in four or six-colour mode. The printer includes six print heads, with three staggered.
  2. Mist removal filter - The mist removal filter prevents problems caused by ink mists and enhances the stability of print operations by suctioning the mist inside the printer.
  3. Mimaki Degassing Module - The Mimaki degassing module (MDM-20) eliminates the gasses or bubbles that can occur in inks during the printing process, decreasing the likelihood of nozzle blockage and improving the accuracy of ink dot placement. In addition, this module enables the printer to use undegassed bottled inks instead of conventional degassed ink packs, thus reducing ink costs.
  4. New dye sublimation ink - Mimaki has developed a new ink, optimised for dye sublimation printing and for use with the TS500-1800. Sb300 ink offers an affordable price, dries quickly and produces brilliant colours. Sb300 ink is available in six colours (K,Bl,M,Y,Lbl,Lm).
  5. Auto Media Feeder (AMF) - Mimaki’s unique Auto Media Feeder provides stable feeding and take-up of print media, eliminating much of the need for operator intervention during printing.
  6. Larger Roll Media Size - The TS500-1800 can accept rolls of media up to 60kg and 300mm in diameter, further improving operator productivity by eliminating the need for frequent media changes. Larger orders can be continuously printed without interruption, or batches of smaller orders using the same media can be easily handled.

Launched in 2011, the new print head technology employed by the TS34-1800A enables the machine to print up to 32.0 sqm/h at 540x720dpi. Furthermore, the machine can achieve a printing speed of 17.7sqm/h in 6-colour mode at the same resolution, responding to the needs for superior quality prints, with minimal amount of grainy appearance and smooth gradations. These features make the TS34-1800A suitable for both large-sized soft signs and apparel applications, which require quick response and fine image quality.

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